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Kate Moss wearing a knit fox jacket


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Kate Moss was seen leaving the Lemonia Restaurant in Primrose Hill, London, UK on 2 February 2012. She is wearing a knit (golden island?) fox jacket with leather sleeves. Now, the interesting part about this restaurant is that it is literally next door to the Gale Furs! In fact, in some photos, you can see the the entrance to the Gale's with its green canvas canopy. I wonder if she had some shopping at Gale's before having a bite to eat:)




I have selected some of the best shots below:

6b35ff177130840.jpg 79281b177130886.jpg 056137177130924.jpg 130686177130996.jpg 2f261f177131042.jpg 59e25f177131128.jpg 55e51b177131197.jpg

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