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Keeping Warm This Winter


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I just found your forum here, and wanted share a couple of my favorite fuzzy things with some fellow fur fanatics! I live up in Fairbanks, AK so it's prime area for enjoying your furs.


On New Years Eve I welcomed in the New Year with fireworks over the river at something like -33*F.



I'm decked out in some really cool mittens made from a wolf face split in half between the two. The eyes and teeth are cowhide. I picked them up from a very sweet Native Lady at a craft fair before Christmas. Boy, was I glad I did! The earmuffs are wolf fur too, from a local furrier. They are more of a black/dark chocolate brown, but seem to have shown up oddly for the picture. Not bad for after midnight while desperately trying to keep the camera from freezing.



I do a lot of crafting, since there are times I have no interest in going outside. A while ago I stitched up this pillow for the heck of it out of two rabbit furs I had that complemented each other, a silvery one and a tan/gold. I tried to keep the natural rabbit pelt shape, so it has little leg nubs and a bump for the butt. It is the perfect shape for hugging while relaxing on the couch.



Here's a project wolf I haven't yet worked on. I'm considering making a "mountain man" style hat (face in the front on top of the wearers head, front paws over your shoulders, hind paws and body with tail draped down the back) out of this one. It's quite sizable, and I think would be wonderful to wear. I know I'd stay warm at least!



I'm a little upset with myself, I thought I had a couple of pictures of some of my other favorite furs but I can't find them at the moment. I have a really gorgeous sea otter and seal pillow I purchased from a Native seller at the AFN convention's craft fair in 2010. Sea otter is the most amazing fur I have ever touched- it was expensive but worth the price!


I also have a lovely full length blue fox coat from David Green down in Anchorage, AK. It's my go-to coat when I go out anywhere during the super cold weather. That's one thing I love about living up here. It isn't strange to go to the grocery store in a full length fox coat during the winter. You will probably run into at least a beaver, mink, lynx, other fox, or coyote somewhere else in the store.


Stay warm everyone! I'm lucky now, it's only about -5 or so at the moment.

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Nice to have a new member here Lupawulf. We really hope you enjoy it here.


Always so great to hear of another member who goes out and enjoys their furs!



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Great post! Welcome to The Fur Den, LupaWulf! We look forward to seeing you here often! You certainly have us pegged correctly - All of us are fur fanatics! You're in great company!

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Thank you all for the welcome!

I'll have to go through more of my pictures again and see if I still have some good ones from different trips around the state!


There is a blanket made entirely of red fox faces that I have my eye on had down at David Green's outlet store, so I'll be sure to at least take a picture when I travel down there.


I've always had a huge obsession with fur, and I love living in a place where it's widely accepted to go out wearing it. I'll have to do a group photo with some other pelts I have around the house. I love sewing and making things when I have the chance too. My man wants me to make him a beaver hat, and I have a pair or two of gloves I'm going to make for family members, so I should have a lot of neat stuff to post from time to time.

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It is always great to see new people find fur loving sites like this one. I love your rabbit pillow and how you tried to keep the pelts in a natural state. I really love fur. I especially like looking at raw pelts and fantasizing how they will be used. As they become a part of someone’s life. Thanks for the pictures.

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