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Story of a girl trapping tanning& making her own fur!


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This is a great story of a fashion writer, carrying out all the steps from trapping to skinning and making her own fox vest! It's very candid in all the gory details, but then I think this way, she has managed to make a true connection with the fur. Compare that to loads of clothing she might have gotten during the sales, and there is no doubt she will cherish the vest for many years to come. For millenia, people earned their living the hard way, from the bread and butter they ate to the chair they sat on and fur coat they wore. Now, we are just consumers. For us, everything has a price, but what is the price of waking up at dawn, checking the traps in chilly weather, and skinning a fur bearing animal with your own bare hands? It would be great if she made a documentary out of her story:)



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What a great find...and a great read.....I loved it. It showed balance in squeamishness and finesse in pride for the overall result.

It was what was done as normal for many years until it became an industry....

I give her 10/10.



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