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Long black thick fur identification?


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It looks like a fur ball keyring. But with only the ring shown for perspective, it is a bit hard to tell exactly what the fur is. Also the fact that dark furs are very difficult to light properly for photography does not help.


It is probably a dyed fur which also does not help. My initial guess would be dyed fox as it does not appear to have the thicker guard hairs of a mink or beaver.

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Thanks for the additional info.

As you describe it as "long & thick", I will stick with my initial guess of dyed fox. However, it could possibly be dyed finn raccoon, dyed coyote, or possibly something else - I really can't tell for sure. Hopefully someone with more experience will provide a better answer.


It does look like the item needs to be cleaned and glazed as some of the hair looks dirty and matted together.

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We need an expert on this one.


But fox is often dyed. Fox has the different length hairs like that. I think fox was often used for muffs. I would think percentages would be pretty high on that guess.

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