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Fat. body image and health

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Well my view on this is influenced by my girlf, who was verging on anorexic a few years back.


however, her and my perspective is rather different to the media one.


She didnt eat and became obssessed with her weight NOT because of the

general media view that images of thin models promote anorexia, but rather that REAL LIFE OBESITY so repulsed her that she didnt want to end up fat herself.


I once had a go a fat woman (I mean gross) eating a burger and having a go at some women trying on furs:

"Do you know how many dead animlas it takes to make that?"


My retort was "not as many as it took to make that" and pointed towards the belly protruding over her leggings.


Now each to their own, and I wouldnt normally criticise fat people, or even lecture them on morality. In fact I think curvy is nice.


However, as allfurme pointed out.....so many people think they can have a go at smokers over health that this is a topic for discussion in its own right.


Now don't get on about smoking here.....there is a seperate thread for that.


Also if anybody seriously wants to lose weight I can give you an excellent diet used by some of the jockeys who can lose a stone in a week....and its very healthy.

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A) It is unproven that secondary mainstream smoke is injurous to a third party and i only deal in facts. People want to believe it affects others as that is what suits them; do not listen to all these people who spout off propoganda, but find out the facts. Okay so you may dislike cigarette smoke but don't think that it kills you. This is in no way a personal attack but i get really annoyed when people are brainwashed by politicians and the media. If you think i am spouting rubbish remember that people believe all the sh*t that comes out of the mouths of that w*nker McCartney and the dumb cow.


B) A fat person might fall on me.

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no sarcasm whatsoever...truly truly, funny.


Its the point 1 being very well argued and then that one liner in point two. Brilliant brilliant.

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