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Well I took the plunge. I was in Nevada City with my wife where she was exchanging a pair of gloves at Fur Traders. I tried on a few jackets. The first one I tried one I ended up getting. The thing fits like it was made for me. It is only a rex rabbit with a removable hood. But it is very cozy. I probably overpaid for it. It was a VERY QUIET ride home. My wife is extremely sensitive to financial issues. We were originally driving home without the fur and all of the sudden she pulled off the highway and exclaimed "You're getting that jacket!" It was an argument in reverse. Admittedly I don't like the conditions under which I got it. But I did wear it last night to walk the dog...

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Great! One less furless person and the world is a much better place now:)


Let me tell you this, though: soon, you will want more! LOL!

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I'm not sure she will understand. But last night I went to walk the dog and said I need my warm jacket and she just kind of said "Oh O.K." knowing what I meant by "warm jacket".


I already want more! It's horrible! Is this like heroin? I see/hear of some of the collections of some of the "denizens" and wonder how the heck people get ALL those furs. It isn't as if I have a crappy job, I'm a professor (long hours, administrators cutting budgets, students getting the short end of the deal, but hopefully I [we all] make an impact on the students. Between the expense and the agreement of a partner, I just haven't figured out how some of the denizens do it. I may drive up to Nevada City again this Sunday just to try on some coats.


At any rate, thanks for the support. I'm planning on "showing it off" Friday night at a basketball game at the college at which I teach (as long as it is cold enough). I'm sure there will be a lot of stares. It is definitely out of the ordinary where I live.


By the way, I'm wearing it now. Is this normal?

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Let me ask you this:


If you just bought a new Ferrari, wouldn't you be happy?

Wouldn't you want to take it out for a spin?

Wouldn't you want to show off a little bit?

Would anybody think that's abnormal?


What's the difference between buying a fur and wanting to "show off" or "take it out for a spin" as compared to doing the exact same thing when you buy that new, hot car that you have always dreamed about owning?


I say, "No difference!"

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Just be 'out there'....and enjoy the wearing of it... Countless Denziens will remind you of the positive comments made to them rather than any perceived negatives whilst wearing fur....



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Enjoy it! Make sure you store it and clean it in the summer season!


And if you ever want a great deal on a pre-owned fur, buying from fellow Den members is the way to go.



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