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So great to see you here! Always fantastic to see a new member but especially great to see them posting right away.


I really hope that you love it here! It is just our own little place to come and relax and talk about our "love"


White Fox

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Welcome aboard indeed. I hope you find what you are looking for here in the Den. There are many members here, some in the background, and some who visit just occassionally, and others who are more active. What ever it is that you are after, have a look around, read some older posts and have a good look through the gallery. We have a great gallery full of awesome pics. It is great to see a new member posting and getting involved.


Judging by your fur collection, you certainly have a love for fine furs. What is the leopard fur like? Is it an old one, as I would imagine it's hard to get legally these days, for good reason. But I'm sure it looks gorgeous. Is it fairly course?


Look forward to reading more of your posts,



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Welcome to The Fur Den, Blonde! I hope you enjoy your time with us! We're always happy to see new members jump right into the conversations - it's a breath of fresh air!



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Yes, I think all of us nice people are still here, although I am not sure why I did not respond when you first joined in 2012. Oh well, nice to see you back after such long hiatuses. Your website concept is original and interesting.

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I'm sure there are hundreds of nice people here! I am curious if the people who posted on this thread are all (for the most part) still active?
White fox is deceased, and several have left for various reasons.
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