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A Sad Day

White Fox

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Folks, I thought you would like to know that I have just noticed on Linda's Facebook site (Refur) that she has lost her Father. I thought that you folks would want to know about this. She has been a VERY dedicated member of this site. A highly respected moderator and a good friend to all members here.


Linda please know that our thoughts are with you at this time. We are so sorry to hear what has happened. We will all be thinking of you


White Fox

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Thank you.


I must admit this is harder for our family than I would have imagined. We finally realized that we have been able to keep our Mother with us through Dad. Now that he is gone, it is forcing us to let them both go.


We all sat down with my Sister yesterday and discussed the things we have to get rid of We all agreed that many of the things we did not want her to get rid of. But, we laughed when we had to admit we wanted someone else to take the things.


Life goes on, but we will forever have a spot in our lives that is empty without his wonderful smile.





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