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cee lo green, new year's eve, full length mink

Guest furlessinCA

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Check out the picture of Cee Lo Green singing "Imagine" by John Lennon (for which he caught flack for changing the words about religion) wearing a full length mink. He's a BIG guy so it's a BIG coat!


NOTE: I didn't want to just put the picture in at the risk of overdoing the memory for a post. Someone who is more adept than I can do that or insert it into the picture forum.


I agree with lovefur2 tht my name has been posted too long, and frankly I didn't even donate that much. I don't deserve the recognition.





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Just wanted to use your comment to reinforce a point. Some people think that they need to give us $100 or $500 as a donation. That is indeed not so. What you gave us is important, just like those who have given more. We realize that everyone must live within their means and we respect that.


As we said though, it does take a good chunk of money to run this place for two years. Money that our mods and admins do not have without help from others. So we will very gladly receive extra help at any time! And as always we are VERY thankful to each and every member who helps us out that way. Just as we are to members who post here. Or those who post photos.



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