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It's not fur, but...

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O.K. so I went throught the standard "what do I want for Christmas" list with my wife. Of course the first thing is a mink coat (or fox or coyote or beaver you get the idea) and she always gets irritated. At any rate, I learned from a former student, who is now in Maine, about FLEECE sheets. So I asked for fleece sheets.


Not only did I get fleece sheets, but also a "micromink" blanket. Well it definitely ain't the real thing, but A) at least it is a start, B) it's better than a sharp stick in the eye as my dad used to say, C) my wife said that is all the mink as she will get. As I wrote above, see "A".


At any rate, the fleece sheets are WONDERFUL! On a not-so-cool evening, they should be tried. I am fluctuating between the fleece with the micromink on top and the micromink INSIDE the fleece (and me inside the micromink ). I'm leaving my sliding door WIDE open to keep my room cool.


Not quite a furry Christmas, but a fuzzy one at least!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to ALL!



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