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Miroslava Duma


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At the risk of revealing my ignorance, who is she?


Note: I reveal my ignorance constantly and I'm a damn professor!


...don't feel too bad, I don't know who she is either.


I'm sure in whatever you are teaching you have more of a clue than the students (although they would like to believe otherwise)

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Man, I consider myself ignorant now too, as I have never heard of her, but I wish I had!

She is a true beauty, with eyes to die for that I could stare into forever, and a quality taste in furs. That last sable is amazing, and she makes a coat that is no doubt several thousand dollars, look relaxed and cool with a wool beanie. Think I might love her too...

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Fur999, I totally agree about the last sable photo. She's just so casual in it, it's so endearing and so so sexy! Next time I have a partner, I want a photo of her looking just like that (preferably in a Russian sable coat) to use as the wallpaper for my phone and laptop. For now, the photo of Miroslava will just have to do


Just tried to find a wiki entry for her, but could only find a wikifashion link.


She used to be an editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia) and now is a freelance writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazinee (Russia), Tatler, Glamour (Russia). She is the daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator. She is described elsewhere as a Russian "IT" girl.


Oh, and she's married

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Absolutely gorgeous! Now I know who the unknown girls is in my photo collection, have stumbled across some more of here wearing that sable. And my god, the way she wears it!

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