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White Fox

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Folks, normally I would post this message in the Off Topic Pub Forum. I've not asked our traditional owner here "FrBrGr" about this one. But I think he would approve. ha ha. And since my name is on the place now, I guess I can do it.


I've a couple of thoughts here. The first is that it is Christmas Time and I want to say a great big "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" to a lot of people here. Along with that comes a whole lot of special recognitions and some great big Thank You's!


First off, I want to say such to FrBrGr. A huge Christmas Greetings and an even bigger Thank You for Creating this little place for us. The place of our dreams. We all love you Big Guy! And we wish that we would even see more of you around here! A HUGE Happy Holidays to yu'!


Secondly come the little volunteer staff around here. Not that FrBrGr and I are not volunteers. We don't make a cent off of this place, and our aim is to make it for everyone. But it is the moderators and other administrators here who are so very important to make this place work. If someone should post a message here that is not proper, it is them who must make the decision to remove it and believe me that is not easy! Each message for instance contains a little piece of the person who wrote it and it is not easy to delete any one of them. As well it is these folks who are here to keep spammers away. Our Tech Folks AK and Worker keep this place working! All of that kind of stuff. Folks, we all hope you have a tremendous holiday, and want to say Thanks for all of your work here.


But l am saving the most important folks to last. Each and every member here who contributes in any way. Those who post messages only. Those who post photos. Those who let us know of links. Each and every member here is really a small part of the heart and soul of this place! It is you folks who really make this place work! Every square inch of our little house lives and breathes due to each one of you. And we need to wish each and every one of you a fantastic week here!


Lastly, I mentioned that there was two reasons for this. The World is certainly not at peace right now. But, our American Friends have almost all of their soldiers back home now from Iraq. Each one is out of the country now. Finally things have began to improve in Afghanistan. Many members here have seen their countrymen die there. We in Canada certainly have. But hopefully in the near future their aims there will become a reality as well.


Unfortunately, there are still people who cannot enjoy peace. But we hope that some of the movements of this year will come soon for them as well.


I hope that everyone here has a very happy and peaceful holiday. That everyone can come and stay awhile and put your feet up and say a quick Thank You to all of the above for making this such a wonderful place. And, to just be able to sit and enjoy yourself and your nearest love, be it fur, or the person in your life who means more than anything or anyone you can possible think of.


Merry Christmas every one and Happy Holiday!

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