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An Australian Summer


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Whilst our Northern Cousins embrace the chilling North winds, and prepare for a hopefully Furry season, us Southern mob do have gems that pop up from time to time.


Last weekend, on a road trip South of Sydney, I stopped in a small country town for a coffee. Our weather here is not particularly hot, a sunny 22'C with a cool Southerly breeze.


Sitting 2 tables away was a group of 4 University girls having coffee. Outside, in the Sunshine one was wearing a 3/4 mink coat. Imagine an image of flip flops on her feet, shorts, and a mink coat....quite lovely really.

Then, in the town I was staying in (Tumut) was a shop doing taxidermy, and selling re-loved fur pieces, mink pillows etc. Even had some stoles, jackets and pelts.


Not a bad Summer weekend in Australia.



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A great summer spot Auzmink, although just last week I was under a fox fur on the sofa just last week, it has been unseasonally cold.

Thats a good road trip out there, did you get all the way to Wagga? I bet you were very suprised, yet pretty chuffed with that spot! Got to love a hot young chick in fur and shorts


We are moving house early next year, heading north West out past Hornsby. We will be on the edge of the bush, and I am looking forward to a cold winter next year, to enjoy my furs even more.

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