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Animal rights to a new level

Guest furlessinCA

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Everybody should read the article from the link. It takes animal rights to a whole new level! We like fur for pleasure and that's a choice, but imagine no meat for food (well this is a choice too), or animals for biomedical research. THAT IS over the top!




This needs to be diffused.



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I agree that his needs to be defused. Making animals equal to humans is not a wise thing and most aminals are not self aware. if this goes to far that even killing an ant, termite, fly, moscatio or flea will be against the law. Should we retreate and allow pests to invade and drive us from our homes, NO! this is going to far in my opinon.


All the pets I have owned have seemed to be very happy and loved to be with me. I can remember after bathing my dog, she would eagerly put her head into her collar to be put back around her neck. She loved wearing the collar with the jingle of her "dog tags" around her neck.

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The worst of it is that this is a number of lawyers who are just liable to find some loophole that they can use, and some judge stupid enough to listen to them!


This one is very dangerous folks

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The bar of fancy, designer soap you washed your face with this morning is responsible for the deaths of half a dozen orangutans in Southeast Asia.


With one turn of the ignition key in your gas guzzling S.U.V. you are responsible for the deaths of more than a dozen native animals.


That cup of Starbuck's coffee you drank on the way to work probably killed a couple-three rhinoceros in Indonesia.


That donut you ate for breakfast is probably responsible for the deaths of a couple more orangutans.


Just waking up in the morning and going to work has probably killed or prevented the births of more animals than it takes to make ten fur coats.


These animal rights people are a bunch of f***ing retards! They haven't got a doddgamm clue!

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Few animals reach the level of intelligence to vie for any level of person hood yet as worker points out, we kill them routinely.


The Apes and their relatives are "in the way" of progress.


The Porpoises are routinely killed by "accident" and for food and, of course, the Japanese have just revived their whale hunt with the audacity to sue Greenpeace for being an obstructionist. How absurd. The most intelligent animal short of humans. This is after the entire Village of the Whalers was wiped out along with their fleet. Rather than focusing on the Nuclear Plants they revive Whaling. There is absolutely NO justification for whaling.


Not person hood but certainly worth saving.


Most other animals, especially those humans have "farmed" are like corn in my mind. Some make great coats and spreads



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Oh boy, if this goes further the World is in a pretty poor shape.......and this guy is a Lecturer!!!!! Heavens above what a desperate law school....



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