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Old avatars

Guest touchofsable

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Its nice to get a constantly changing avatar selection.

However I miss some of the old ones too.


Is it not possible to have an avatar gallery?

That wouldnt exceed bandwidth would it?

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The problem with something like this is that it just does not fit into the "Forums" format as it exists right now. It has nothing to do with bandwidth. We are in fairly good shape that way. It is simply the technical end of things.


AK still has to finish off a lot of issues to get the site running correctly here. Then, at that point we can look at things like pictures and other neat little ideas we have planned along the way. But, right now AK is totally swamped.


If anyone would like to help him out, please let us know. However, it would not help if you simply have the ability to run a forum page. Qualifications we need would be an experianced php programmer available to work on things like the code changes needed to integrate image gallery, wiki, and chat access with the users table of the Den board.

If anyone here has experience in those areas we would love to hear from you if you would like to help out. Until we get the problems in these areas worked out I am afraid that we just have to "Go with what we have" until AK gets the time to get things sorted out.


Hope this helps.


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An excellent idea for an album in the pictures section when I get that setup. Unfortunately, it will be at least several months yet due to the way we want to integrate the applications. Part of the delay is the limited time I have available to work on changes to the site, and the number of items that I need to work on. Another reason is that I have minimal experience programming in php, and thus it is difficult for me to fully understand the logic of the applications and figure out how to properly integrate them in the way we want.


As White Fox stated, we could use some help with the php programming. If anyone has the necessary experience, likes a challenge, and is willing to work for no pay and only public recognition of their contributions, please let us know.

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Are you saying that you simply want your avatar to rotate among three or four pictures?


That's easy. Just make three or four pictures into the frames of an animated GIF or PNG file. As long as it doesn't exceed the dimension or file size limiations of the system you can do almost anything that way.


That's how I did my avatar. I notice several other people are doing similar tings. If that's what you want, I would be happy to make an animated GIF from your pictures. Just e-mail them to me. (Or, better yet, PM the links to me.)

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