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Furriers in Boston / New York


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I am visiting Boston and New York in a week's time. The weather seems disappointingly mild over that side of The Pond at the moment Can anyone recommend any furriers in Boston (or somewhere fairly close by)?


I know there is a large fur district in New York, plus the big department stores have fur salons. I've heard of Flemington Furs in New Jersey as well. Is there anywhere else I should be checking out. Anywhere with sales on at the moment?

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I don't know much about furriers in Boston even though I lived there for almost ten years. The only name I can remember is Miller. Don't know much about them. Only know the name.


When visiting N.Y.C., you must visit the Fur District. -- 29th Street between 7th and 8th avenues near Penn Station.

While it is no longer the bustling hub that it once was, neither is the Fashion district which contains it, it is still the place for those in the know to look for furs.


Two furriers I know and have visited in the Fur District are G. Michael Hennessy and a place called "Fur Palace."


Hennessy is the place I bought my wife's fur coat.

Classic retail/wholesale fur salon. Not fancy but they are straight shooters and they have good product at good prices.

Hennessy is also a wholesale fur dealer who sells a lot of product to department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's, etc. So, if you shop at a department store fur salon, you're probably buying a fur made by Hennessy or one of his peers. They are just relabeling the product for sale at the department store.


Fur Palace is run by a couple of Greek brothers.

When we visited there, my wife was interested in a lynx coat. The guy took us in the back and showed us several cartons just PACKED with lynx pelts. Each carton contained 100 KG of pelts!


In his thick Greek accent, he said to us, "You like cat? I make you coat from cat!"


As I say, there aren't as many furriers in NYC as there used to be but it's still worth a visit to the Fur District if you're going New York anyway.

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well its now cooler here in the east and wearing fur would be natural. it fact its snowing here.


As for flemington furs its in western NJ about 90 min drive from NYC. Back in the 80's i was there and at men's furs were dark and boring, but the ladies was great.

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