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Does anyone know what happened to Old Man Fox ?

I tried to contact him with no results.


I have most of his posts.


I try to post them contacting the the appropriate administrators.


Response zero.


Do you wonder why this forum is dying ?


Too much administrators self importance and no attention to the users

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I am sorry here. I don't understand what happened. I did return with a reply to your message. It says that it went out to you. I am wondering if something is set wrong in your email somehow. If you don't mind, I am going to have AKcoyote check into this. However, I MIGHT need your permission here first in order to do that as messages are private. Since you are obviously not getting all PM's right now we will probably need to use this forum to work that out unless you would like to give us your email. I promise that AK and I will look into what is going on and why you did not get the message. Every message that I get I try to reply instantly. Also, I allow members to see when I am on site unlike administrators of most forums. This is to try to help members contact me and to solve problems, etc. Most forum members never see their administrators on site as that capability is turned off. I do not believe in that. I do want to try to help everyone if I can.


I mentioned for you to give OFF a quick message as he is more familiar with external sites like that than I am. I know that OFF has not been on site a lot for a few days here. So that may be why he did not reply to your message. I believe he has had some computer problems for one thing.


Please accept our apologies for not getting back to you. We really have been trying to! What we need to do here is as you say to try to find out if the owner of this photo collection is still around, etc. Second to that, if we find out that he is not for sure, then we have to decide exactly what album to place the photos into.


I am working on it. I am really sorry for what has taken place here! I do try to do the best that I can, but unfortunately I am kept very busy with a couple of jobs here, and just do not always have the time to be here instantly within minutes as people wish. But I assure you, that I do in fact do my best! I really did try to contact you and I was pretty certain that you had received the message as it was in the "sent" box at my end. I am sorry that the technical end of things did not work this time.


White Fox


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As an admin here, I am not aware of you making any attempt to contact me regarding any recent issues. You can frequently receive a faster response if you attempt to contact multiple admins with the initial request. Admin availability can vary widely depending on what is happening in their offline life. If an issue needs a faster response, please try contacting Worker 11811, White Fox and myself. One of us should be able to respond within a few hours.


Another possibly related issue is that I noticed you have your PM Inbox folder options set to hold back new PMs if your Inbox is full. setting the "Delete oldest messages" option for the "if folder is full" section of the "Rules, folders, & settings" tab of the PM area of the User Control Panel can make it easier to notice a new PM.

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Unfortunately I don't remember that itsend ever contacted us before or after.


It would be fantastic to have received Mad Man's material. Every one on staff here would have replied if contacted on that. It would have fit exactly into the area with the Fur Twins and Mr Mockle. That is exactly what that area is for. But we have no records of him ever contacting us. We would have loved to display that material. Unfortunately some folks just assume that if they send one email it always gets to it's destination. But sadly a very few do not. They get lost. We find that in our business now and then. The sender assumes the receiver got it. So they Never send another when not contacted. And everyone loses in the end!


Sad to say... Folks we DO reply to messages. If we don't reply please do NOT assume it is because we are refusing to contact you. Things go wrong. Send us a PM instead. Try another email. etc. We DO want to hear from you! I know that some sites do not, but WE DO!

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