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Transforming a fur head band to a fur hat: how hard it'd be?


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I have a question to our resident fur experts. I have seen the following ebay item and immediately got into thinking, wouldn't it be relatively easy to put a leather or velvet top to this head band and transform it to a hat? I mean, it could conceivably be done as a small DIY project, right?


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Yes, I think it could be done, but the project is not simple.


First you would need to de-construct the headband. Then you need a pattern for the style of hat you want along with the additional materials (leather, lining, thread, etc).


Leather sewing can be difficult, especially if you do not have a needle designed for leather sewing. Regular round needles are almost impossible to push through leather. This is assuming you would be sewing the hat by hand rather than using a fur sewing machine.


I am not an expert, so one of our furrier members might provide a more complete response to the question.

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