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Nancy Dell'Olio


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Nancy Dell'Olio in London 24/11/11

I must say, it took great effort to shift my eyes from her nearly erupting boobs under her dress and focus on her coat, which I presume is mink:)


19470092771035085218_thumb.jpg 35187608882721742856_thumb.jpg 30637190985769123902_thumb.jpg 43499660266999874511_thumb.jpg 67733634403895028423_thumb.jpg 43626935822426179995_thumb.jpg 68421963456919406955_thumb.jpg 94814386323493134287_thumb.jpg 78793215034280766298_thumb.jpg 66335207961999243820_thumb.jpg 40609067998334784969_thumb.jpg 37691093284756180426_thumb.jpg 66230790148733247688_thumb.jpg 49488882417373933077_thumb.jpg

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