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Me in my silver fox fur coat and hat


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Hi all,


I'm very happy, because the winter is here in Hungary. In the nights the temperature is under -3 degree and during the day there is also 1-2 degree.

Now I can wear my silver fox fur coat (this is from Germany) and hat (from Ukraine) bravely.

This is my first fur season. First I get on only at nights but now I went to walk in the downtown at afternoon. I wasn't alone, one of my girlfriend was with me. She wear his blue fox fur coat. We had a lot of viewer, but I love it.

Now I wear my furs gladly and proudly. I love theme very much.


Here is some photo from me in my furs. How do you like it and me in it?


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I uploaded my photos in to the gallery.



Here it is another link: https://picasaweb.google.com/103485949444131862748/En2?authkey=Gv1sRgCMnM8bKIx7TU3wE


It is my other beautiful fur coat, blush fox fur. I don't use it, I never worn. It is from Italy size EU 50 and absolutly new.

I would like to sell it (800 EURO)! If anybody interest in about it, pleas write me!

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I would like to ask a question. When it gets cold will you wear the silver fox out with the hat?


Yes, of course . I use my silver fox fur hat since I bought it. I bought the hat 2 weeks ago. It is very warm, I love it. (I don't wear the blush fox hat).

Yesterday I went to my furrier in the downtown, because one of my friend want to buy a blue fox hat. I wear my fur and my friend, who is a girl, also wear her blue fox fur coat. During the talking the furrier look at me and said: "This silver fox fur is absolutely beautiful and very well is up to you!" (and she stroked my fur)

She looked my hat also and she always love it.


Why did you ask this?

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