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Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, Aspen Christmas 2009


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I have just come across these photos of Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson at Aspen during Christmas 2009 and I just had to share them with you!


e773c660916216.gif 0add6860916266.gif d373a460916286.gif 08b35260916387.gif be9bf860916408.gif e63f8860916474.gif 0be39f60916495.gif 270aab60917019.gif 8630eb60917729.gif th_50173_goldie_hawn_spending_family_time_in_aspen_tikipeter_celebritycity_003_123_14lo.jpg


At first sight, Kate Hudson's jacket looks like black dyed fox in a heavenly soft and fuzzy way, but then the close shots suggest maybe it's not fox. What do you think? And the fur trim on Goldie Hawn's down coat is the BEST I have seen on these coats! The trim is definitely raccoon or tanuki but I'm also thinking it's been dyed...


More shots of Goldie Hawn:

th_36515_GoldieHawn_BundlesupinafurlinedcoatassheheadsoutinAspenColoradoDec212010_By_oTTo10_122_949lo.jpgth_36448_GoldieHawn_BundlesupinafurlinedcoatassheheadsoutinAspenColoradoDec212010_By_oTTo11_122_23lo.jpg th_36481_GoldieHawn_BundlesupinafurlinedcoatassheheadsoutinAspenColoradoDec212010_By_oTTo13_122_240lo.jpg (cozy and nicely snuggled, right?)

th_36423_GoldieHawn_BundlesupinafurlinedcoatassheheadsoutinAspenColoradoDec212010_By_oTTo6_122_1098lo.jpg th_36406_GoldieHawn_BundlesupinafurlinedcoatassheheadsoutinAspenColoradoDec212010_By_oTTo9_122_352lo.jpg (get outta my way!)

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I would guess black fox maybe...


As for Goldie? Not sure. I don't know if I would guess racoon though. But when they start to dye things slightly it is so hard to tell.

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Kate's jacket is obviously a dyed fur and probably fox. Although it looks like it needed a good clean and glaze if it is fox. An alternative could be dyed raccoon, but I lean toward fox.


As for the trim on Goldie's coat, it is raccoon. Probably either Finn raccoon or tanuki.

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