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pelts across


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I've heard of these termed as "Horizontally Worked" but I am not sure if this is a furrier term, or a term that people like the members here have came up with. I wonder if anyone with more experience can come in to confirm.



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If you transliterated the Russian to English, "поперечно " (pop-ye-chee-no) would be "crosswise" or "transverse."


If I was going to pick from one of those two I would pick "transverse."


(P.S. I am not a speaker of Russian. I only have relatives who spoke it. Great-grandparents, to be exact. The only reason I know the little Russian I do is because I heard it spoken as I was growing up but all of those ancestors had passed away before I was old enough to be interested in learning to speak Russian. So, my understanding of this word could be completely off-base.)

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I have seen the term "horizontally worked" used to describe this style in many furrier websites and ebay listings. I think it looks especially elegant with sable or pastel mink...

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