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"We Love Fur" blog: viewer discretion advised.


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This is a fashion-oriented blog by and about an Italian fur designer. She calls herself "Lady Fur".


By "viewer discretion advised", I mean, please be discrete about letting this particular young Italian blogger know about the presence of our (predominantly male and predominantly sexually-oriented) community. She seems rather innocent. I know when I was younger, I could come off as quite "over-eager" if I suddenly came across a young woman like this on the internet.


She writes in English for the privilege of a wider readership and even posts a basic bio on this blog. But please, gentlemen. Look all you want. Just grant her the privilege of privacy.










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I had a brief email from Samantha a couple of days before she made her first few posts on the FFG although she didn't respond to my lengthy reply. Had she done so, I would have advised her not to post anything on the FFG at all and to come here or to another fur forum with a "softer"/fashion focus more than there.


It doesn't seem that she has returned to the FFG for a while now, possibly not since her first couple of posts which were quickly (I feel slightly too quickly) censorsed by those moderators, most likely due to perceived advertising/spamming. If such over-eager censorship of her posts didn't push her away, no doubt the flood of pestering emails from male members there did that for her - as happens with just about every genuine female newcomer to any fur forum.


So, by all means, read and enjoy her blogs or photos but do be polite in any comments or emails to her or any other similar bloggers or newer female fur members here or anywhere else.



Mr Mockle

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