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How can you if a silver fox pelt is good quality?


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Does anyone have any tips for spotting if a silver fox coat is made of good quality pelts?


For example, with chinchilla, I believe that the bigger the black area on the pelt, the higher the quality. Is there any similar distinguishing feature for silver fox pelts?

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My experience is rather limited in this area, and what I have to say is more general and should apply to any fur you are considering.


The coloring of the fur should be uniform throughout the garment and if there are variations in color, they should be arranged symmetrically.


The hair texture and density should be uniform. There should be no bald spots or noticeable variations in hair length.


Silver fox pelts can vary considerably in coloration, so look for a garment where the coloring of the hair appeals to you.


Also flex the pelts of the garment and listen. If the pelts feel stiff and/or sound a bit like crumpled paper, the garment is too old and the pelts are dried out. NOTE: Some fur types like sheepskin can have very thick leather and will feel somewhat stiff when new. Fox has rather thin leather so flexing the pelts is a valid test to see if the garment is old and dried out.

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I once read somewhere that if the percentage of silver guard furs over black ones was larger it indicated a better quality silver fox...
I would think that would be more an indicator of a more desirable coloration rather than a true indicator of overall quality. Hair density and length along with condition of the leather and hair along with the size of the pelt(s) should, in my opinion, also be considered when judging overall quality.
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