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hi im changing my name to Felicia Fox


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i am going to change my name to Felicia Fox a fur lover told me i look like Felicia galant on another world i also love the show, i remember that liberace was on and he loved the show too, can someone help me change my profile name to Felicia Fox, also i love to wear my furs but i havgent been to the mall in my furs i really want to but i dont have a fur lover in my area to shop with so normally i go alone to shop if any fur lover lives in my area of northern virginia please pm me and lets chat about furs i have 3 full length coyote coats all ladies furs not mens, i do not mind what age you are if 21 to 70 if you are a fur lover then you have the same thing in common with me. i also love fox furs and canadian lynx.

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