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Dutch Fad

coyote 1

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Thank You for the pictures that were posted of the guys wearing parkas with real fur ruffs. It is fantastic to see young men embracing the idea of using fur to stay warm and as a fashion statement; giving more credibility to the fact that it is OK for guys to take pleasure in wearing fur.


I asked this question last spring with out success. I would like to purchase a puffer jacket (big fur ruff) like the ones posted under the title "Dutch Fad". Can anyone please provide a link to a store where they are sold? Perhaps in the Netherlands?



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Furfellow has indeed done a HUGE amount of work in our Gallery lately! We owe him a huge amount of Thanks!!


I am sure that if you cannot find those another way that you would find them through a fur store. They are doing things like that more and more. here at least anyhow.

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Anybody visiting Anchorage Alaska who might be interested in a timber wolf ruff for their parka should visit the Anchorage Fur Factory. The furrier there can frequently provide same day service on custom ruffs. Also, I have heard customers there comment that their ruffs are cheaper than some of the local competitors.



Disclaimer: I am a friend of the furrier at the Anchorage Fur Factory.

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