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Gorgeous f/l brown fox from Elsa


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Well, according to this post, elsa had this coat specifically made for our friend elbas3175:)



What this means is that they made the coat, took the photos and then shipped it to its lucky owner. Right now, they do not have any other in stock. But they still have the photos. So they keep listing the same coat on ebay, in the hopes that it will bring in more sales. I know from a good friend who is unfortunately no longer with us, that he had a magnificent crystal fox coat made for him by a furrier in LA, maybe 5-6 years ago. The furrier took photos of the coat without his knowledge or consent, and have been listing it every now and then. Of course, the whole setup works if the furrier is able to procure the fur pelts and quickly make the coat. Otherwise, professionalism requires the furrier to mention in the listing that the coat will be made after the purchase.

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I guess that would explain why "all sizes" are available. Here I was thinking all this time that she actually had four of them up for auction, each at different prices.

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