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Changes at the SAGA Furs company: What is going on?


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I have just visited sagafurs.com website and the main page has this rather cryptic announcement:





The change is part of the strategy that began with Finnish Fur Sales’ acquisition of the Saga Furs® brand and Saga Furs Design Centre.


This temporary site will lead you to the Saga Furs Auctions (formerly Finnish Fur Sales) and Saga Furs Design Centre websites.


Watch for the new Saga Furs website — http://www.sagafurs.com — coming in December."


Then, the link on the left leads to Finnish Fur Sales' website (ffs.fi), while the link on the right leads to the usual sagafurs.com content.


If you remember, there was a discussion several months ago about Copenhagen Fashion Week banning fur from the runway shows and at the time it was related to some disagreements and arguments between fur farmers in Denmark and those north of the Baltic Sea. I wonder if this acquisition has anything to do with that?


Perhaps our friend Kostas can give us some information about the situation.

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The Auction house's name was a different and weird Finnish name: Turkosstaasdat..blahblahblah(vomiting and coughing while trying to pronounce it )

They goods they was selling was SAGA labelled (and of course were the only saga skins in the world)

But the SAGA brand name was something different, it actually was not theirs (mayb some legal stuff with Kopenhagen Fur that was also part of the SAGA association, or perhaps it was something like an independent association). Anyway, they now bought the name SAGA as well (for a serious amount of money) and the brand so they changed their Auction houses name. In fact, the way I see it nothing changes, SAGA skins will still be sold at the same place from the same association, so don't worry.

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