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Double posting (sort of)


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Hi there...


I'm still sort of a new bug on this forum and find it a welcome addition to FFG where I've been fairly active for years. Since I'm assuming most of you guys also frequent FFG quite often, I feel a bit stupid about posting the same stuff here as I do there... I don't want to bother you with my silly ramblings everywhere you go.


I guess the question would be, do you read my posts on FFG as well, and should I bother post the same things here? I do sort of think the responses and comments here would be more welcome than the stuff usually written on FFG.


Thanks for any reply or advice you might give



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G'day Holmf,


No problem being new to somewhere provided you enjoy the company you keep. Welcome.


Personally, I tend to stick here a lot of the time. I contribute if I have something to say, and enjoy reading everybody's contributions.


If you want to double up on your contributions feel free. I am sure you will receive replies which will make you feel connected and valued.



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Like OFF, I do not go to FFG. I know some fur lovers do however post and/or monitor multiple fur boards. I think you will find that the membership here is not quite the same as at FFG and thus is a different audience.

Your posts are welcome here so long as you are not multi-posting within our forums (same post in multiple forums) like some spammers have tried.

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I don't see a problem with cross-posting, or posting messages about the same subject on two or more boards but posting identical messages on more than one board is something I frown on.


There are some people who are members of both boards but many have their own favorite and do most of their web surfing at that site. It is their right to choose one, the other or a little of both.


As such, you are likely to get different answers to the same question from people on one board versus the other. To that end, I welcome cross-posting so long as it is not spamming and as long as the poster isn't trying to stir the pot, so to speak.


I am a member of both boards but I don't visit FFG frequently. Beside fur, I also enjoy photography, movies and Teddy Bears. I frequent about six sites that feature those themes. There are only so many web sites that one can keep up with in a given day so, I have to choose between the Den and FFG. I also have responsibilities here and it wouldn't be right to spend more time at another site.


As far as I am concerned, go ahead and, as you say, ramble on. The last time I checked, we still lived in a free country.

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I would love to hear messages of other members here. i.e. those not mods etc. It is threads such as this that allow us to develop the site further.

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Post here.


Even if it is a double-up, I'm sure the members here will understand that you are a genuine fur afficinado and as such would excuse you the double-up.

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With this I agree!


The more you are interested in something, the more you want to talk about it. Right?

You can only talk about your interests so much if you limit yourself to one forum. Having two forums just gives people more places to talk about the things they like.


This goes for any hobby, preoccupation or avocation, not just fur.

I like photography but not that digital crap. REAL photography with film!

I belong to three different websites about photography. There is a traditional photography forum, a medium format film forum and a forum where they talk about digital-hybrid photography where you shoot pictures on film then scan them into digital formats so that you can manage them on your computer.


I have a several vintage cameras. Sometimes I need to know how to fix them or just how to use them. Several of them use 120 format film, instead of the more common 35mm. I often ask a question about the same camera or film on two or more of those forums. For instance, the "old hand" photographers on one forum can speak from their expertise, the medium format guys can speak from their perspective and the digital guys can help me bring it all together and display it on the computer.


So, as far as I am concerned, the more the merrier!

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Double postings. I was not wanting to comment for awhile to give others the chance to post. I agree totally with all comments so far. To me each fur site is a separate entity. A room onto itself. People will come here for certain reasons. That might fulfill some folks totally. Others will go to other sites to see another aspect. And still others will go to both. I don't see even the slightest problem with duplicate posts, and indeed I love those! To me they are what makes each site an entity onto itself.


If anyone or all were to decide which forum a particular post was best on, probably in the eyes of other people that decision might even be wrong. Each post is a living part of the actual character of the poster. We seldom delete posts here or ban a poster. I believe that in the life of this new site (3.5 years now is it?) there have never been more than 5 people banned in total. (excluding spammers etc.) When a poster begins or posts to a thread that message is a part of his thought. So we should never take that away from him or her. And no one should even be able to say to others or to him/herself that a particular post belongs only on a particular forum site. i.e. within the site rules of course. (No XXX, etc.) For example our founder FrBrGr has made it very plain he does not like posts about faux fur. BUT we realize that many members here do not share that so we try to find a balance. And I think we do. We should respect our founder's wishes. And at the same time we try to respect the outlook of members here allowing some posts and thoughts on high quality faux etc.


Ah the profound thoughts that come out on a holiday weekend some times!


And Worker... I've often wondered why someone hasn't invented a "Dual Purpose Camera". Take a photo on film and save it in digital format as well.




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