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Amazing head gear...


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WOW, I think I'm gonna have to try and find something similar for myself now... except in lynx or crystal fox rather than tanuki or coyote, and maybe a little more masculine (so in combo with a leather coat)

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There kind of crazy but I like them.


They are a bit over the top but I love pictures where fur frames the model's face. It makes me think about being cradled in fur.

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Hea-vey! Litterally heavy.


I cam imagine myself cradling my head in one of these on the bed, but it's got to be a weighty load after walking around in one of these for awhile.

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That is Bryan Boy!


I have been admiring and following him for a couple of years now. He like Johnny Weir (the US ice skater) has and undying lust for fur. Brian promotes its use and designs all over the world. The hat/so to speak you see him wearing; on one off beat interviews told the reported. I just love how wonderful this fur feels and with that he ran the fur all over the front of his upper body. He also has said, “What I love about fashion is that it enables anyone and everyone to play with their looks.”


Below are a couple of links to him.



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Here are runway photos from Maison Martin Margiela FW2010-11 fashion show:


1e7035153480952.jpg 3ca616153480985.jpg 167ae5153480993.jpg


And the rest of the fur items from the show:

fb87d9153480828.jpg 3f19e0153480847.jpg c80234153480875.jpg 1f6f07153480890.jpg 121b39153480918.jpg


Most of the fur is Finn raccoon (which is also known as tanuki). The dark coloured one is Finn raccoon, too, it's just dyed. And I should also mention that there are goat fur patches on the shoulders.

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