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Some pics for your 'edification' ;-)

Guest Kingtiger

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From german fotography site:


Blue fox (if I do remember right than it's Nymphenburg-Palace in Munich in the background):




Silver fox:



Mink (maybe repost?):









They call it 'Snow White':







Victorian style (very tasty in my eyes):




Maybe raccoon?





Nice decollete:



Geisha in fake:



Furry vest:



Silver fox collar:



Silver fox hat:



Nice hair-colour:



Red fox?




Attractive lady in rabbit(?):



Somebody for the girls:



Fluffy white fake:



Fake, but expressive eyes:



Not fur, but I like it:




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Nice photos!


Incidentally there must be a search button on that site but I couldnt find it...where is it?


I agree the "victorian" ones were nice.....kind of That move "the wicked lady" with....was it Margaret Lockwood?

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On those "voctorian" type ones and the dita von teese qualities, i think the look owes itself more to forties interpretation;







all of Margaret Lockwood


and another of my faves is Gale Sondergaard;



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TOS... I read your comment about Margeret Lockwood... trouble was I read Margaret Rutherford *wince* Can't recall seeing her in fur..... however do recall several Sherlock Holmes flicks where the lady wore fur... and have a sneaking suspiscion that it was always the baddy.... Talk about setting a precedent.


Well the furs were usually foxes *grin* Hm that may explain men's attraction to fox? WEG

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They usually acted the baddie, but looked the goodie.


As i have mentioned before, Patricia Morrison in her furs in one Sherlock Holmes film is so beautiful; beautiful hair, beautiful make-up, beautiful clothes, beautiful furs, so incredibly feminine and so incredibly evil.



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yes the spiderwoman was the best for the fox stoles. And Sondergaards delectable evil charm.


Well the Native American people say you take on the spirit of the fur of the animal, and I think thats true.

Fox are cunning, but proud and the fur blowing in the wind on a hill , his brush thickened, is a great sight to behold. He is a show off, whether bright pink or arctic blue, an exhibitionist and uses his spectacle to attract his mate. He is playful too, and often lures his prey with a playful act.

His skill is in surviving in any conditions. So fox fur is versatile, and women who wear it dangerous to understimate; they have the foxes charm, they are extrovert in their display, and share his ability to "kill" with his looks.


The mink is a sleek and dangerous predaior who is less individual...they hunt in packs. They too are deadly and also merciless, but have less need to express their individuality. Deadly is as deadly does. A dark and cruel adversary with aloof elegance.The mink ladies too often hunt in packs, corporate, conservaitive, graceful and less showy.Seductively dangerous with a lot more disguise.


You will often see mink ladies in a gang, but the fox is a loner....she must be centre of attention.


Both are fabulous. And notice how a lady's personality changes according to the fur they wear.......

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sadly alfurme the Dressed to Kill movie is not clickable on the rathbone site but the poster looks nice! Any photos?


When you search Patricia Morrison you get loads of photos of the girl out of The Damned and the Sisters of Mercy She'd be nice in furs. Married to Dave Vanian I believe. Saw then live last year and there were loads of long black fauxs and even a couple of vintage real ones there.

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TouchofSable - I am interested!


Have you watched "Dressed to Kill", does "Spiderwoman" really have more fur time? If it has i'll buy it now.


If you cannot make the comparison, how much fur time does it have?

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yes there are stoles in lots of scenes, and gloves and hats and veils and smoking. And her general deceptive and classy character. She's the best for me!!!


Oh and yes kingTiger, well done for all the pictures!!!! Very nice!!!!

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great shots Kingtiger, thanks for finding them!


I like what Touchofsable said about the difference between fox and mink... makes me think of the fox that used to visit me daily at my cabin in colorado, years back... he was the cutest bugger and just as Touch describes foxes! Quite a sight to see him lounging by the stream, not 20 yards from my window, proud and bathing in the sun. I think that is part of why I love the full stoles so much, they are the closest to the live animal as I can get.

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That's great Miss T! The only thing prettier than a red fox laying in the snow on a sunny day is his pelt on the shoulder of a gorgeous woman such as yourself.

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To me the appreciation of fur is out of respect and appreciation of nature; and the animal rights philosophy comes from a profound disrespect misunderstanding and alienation from it.


Urban foxes dont look so pretty in the snow with their mangey coats; you wont find one like that in the British countryside because they are kept healthy, as they are by those who farm and hunt them for fur.


Hmmm....can we take this one step further......PETA are a pretty mangey lot too; as are the eaters of what masquerades as southern fried chicken who would then say fur is cruel.


And yes miss Theresa, you know without any shadow of a doubt that your beautiful new fox had a good life to have a fur in that lovely condition. Wear it with pride; he is with you.

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Glad that you all like it


Touchofsable, unfortunately there is no search option - at least I have not found one either


I scroll this site from time to time. And now the opening of the new Fur Den seemed an adequate opportunity to share the bookmarked pics - simply as my small contribution to this fantastic site!



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