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A changing place!

White Fox

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Folks I just thought that you would like to know that this is the first day that Canadians are beginning to drive on the other side of the road. Today, large trucks are going to move over and drive opposite side of the road to what they did yesterday.


And if it works well, in two years time Cars are going to change over and drive on the opposite side too.



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Ah Damn! Yep, you got it!


We've always drove on the right and always will.


That goes back to the old Contestoga Wagons by the way. I cannot remember the actual reason. But that is the source of it.


And, by the way, ever smoke a "Stogie"? A big ole' cigar? The drivers of those huge Contestoga freight wagons did too. They would come a riding through town, smokin' those cigars, an folks just got to callin' those cigars "Stogies" after those wagons that they were a drivin'!


So again, yep you got it. We are driving on the same side of the road today as we always did. I tried to leave that clue when I mentioned that the huge old trucks wee changing sides "Today" and if it worked the cars would in two years. Can you imagine the mess if we ever did that? Cars and trucks facing each other? Come to think of it not a lot different from today though either by times.



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