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Nicholas Ungar Furs pickets

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I was puzzled when I walked up to the shop on Friday.


I was driving south to Eugene and though I'd stop for a chat and look into my Fox spread repairs in person.


No picketers and I was loaded for Bear Had been rehearsing for the last hundred miles.


Horst had the last word ... almost


He won a lawsuit against the demonstrators but they continued harassing him. They came by his house at 2AM and painted obscenities on his sidewalk. Would come up behind him fast on a bicycle and scream at him on the street from behind. It was relentless. They were ruthless. Since they are street urchins civil judgement means nothing to them.


Local politicians, law enforcement and the press had all been conspicuously silent and unsupportive from the beginning.


The guy who set himself on fire in front of his shop was from Kansas. That changed everything in ways the demonstrators could never have imagined. They thought they had a great victory.


Doesn't really mean anything of importance other than it became an Interstate situation, hence the FBI became involved since, potentially, Federal crimes may have been committed.


The FBI calls Horst and ask him if he knows anything they don't Horst knows a lot THEY don't know so they come down to his shop for a chat. They got to see the demonstrations first hand. The FBI agents were very respectful and courteous as they asked their questions of Horst. They probably already had surveillance on the scene.


Horst had thought all along someone had been paying the kids to picket. They had no visible means of support. He shared that and much more. They wanted to know if Horst knew who their cell phone carriers were as Horst said they are always calling and texting, especially if there was some hot action going on with their demonstrations. Violation of Federal communications law, inciting to riot, etc.


Horst doesn't hear anything else from the FBI or anyone else after that.


A short while after the FBI agents visit the demonstrations cease. The demonstrators vanished. " title="Applause" />


Horst still has heard nothing. Doesn't have a clue what actually happened except all is quiet in front of his shop and there is one less Mexican food vendor van in the parking lot across the street. The Indian vendor is still there selling some mean curry.



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Probably searching some web sites of a certain organization I am not going to downgrade myself by naming could provide some suggestions. I remember seeing the web site once where they were organizing for that fight, etc. Asking for their little children to volunteer.


It is indeed great to hear that finally someone has won a case like this one! I was afraid you were going to say that Horst was gone instead of the other way around. With this being done once, it is very likely it would be done easier the next time. I would bet that there are some people doing some real thinking right at the moment.


Glad we can finally cheer on this one! Finally someone is recognizing these people as what they are. Just plain THUGS with the intelligence level of a half wit amoeba! Lawless imbeciles who have no respect for the laws of the country where they live or their fellow citizens. No ambition to study and read to find the actual truth about the cause that they are so dedicated for. Only just enough ambition to sit with their ears against the mouths of some high paid Law Breakers who feed them useless and outdated information, who have no thoughts about killing the animals that they claim so much to respect. Not even enough ambition to make up their tiny little baby minds on their own but instead want to listen to the poisonous food that their Mommy and Daddy "PE--** freaks want to feed them.


Finally someone has started to think!

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I don't think the FBI was there to ask Horst for information. I think they were there to tell him that they know what's going on, that they were about to do something and that he should keep his head down while the smoke clears.


The minute that guy set himself on fire, that was the beginning of the end for the demonstrators. That's when the FBI went from "standby" mode to taking action. The thing is that the FBI doesn't usually come in with guns a-blazing and start hauling people away. (That's the BATF's job.) No, they work behind the scenes. They make phone calls, check peoples' records and collect information. Then, when they know what they need to know, people start disappearing.


When they asked Horst if he knew anything they didn't know, that was a bluff. They already knew. They just wanted to know if he knew what they knew. When they asked about the use of cell phones to incite riots, they already knew. They probably wiretapping their phones already.


The FBI can't come right out and tell Horst what they are about to do but they can subtly let him know that they are going to do "something."


It seems to me that, when the FBI said that they had tabled the investigation into P∂TA's activities, pending further incidents, they weren't telling the whole truth. I think they were just calling off the VISIBLE parts of the investigation and looking behind the scenes.


The FBI never says what they really mean or what they are really going to do until it's already been done.

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Horst is a great guy, and it's good to see somebody has a friend/s in high places. I live in Portland and am out quite a bit in public, and there is a definite rise in fur wearing and of people wearing fur trimmed garments. I saw a fair bit of mink being worn in the numerous Mercede's drivers last winter. You'll find a good bit of it at stockholders meetings in the winter.

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