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1980's full length fox utube hitchcock


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Yes, I indeed agree Itsend!


So many people sit back and read and are for some reason afraid to post. I wish that they were not, because their not posting is really what causes the forums from expanding. Not just here but on any of these fur sites.


It is definitely the "Off time|" for fur forums. But folks if ten of you would just post one time per week as a new member just think how much greater this site would be than it is now!


And if you don't want to post, I challenge you to send me a personal message or email as to why and I promise that we will try to use that information in ways to make the site better so that you feel that you would like to post here!


Will anyone take us up on the challenge? All it takes is one post or one PM!



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This is a video, so it is a bit different but a good example of why we like to see "stills" posted in our Gallery rather than links. Shows how quickly things can disappear sometimes from other sites we link to.



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