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Too much honesty to regret in the morning?


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Too honest? Stupid? Whatever. I'm 30 and made a decision.


I've been a fur fetishist for 25 years. Not paraphile. I enjoy complete sex without furs.


It came at the age of...I really don't know. Much earlier than my brain did even start to work yet my feelings and my subconscious already lost. In furs.


I don't remember the age when (3?), but I still see: that brown fur I stroked with my fingers. It felt...you all know how. The magic, the EQ and all the unmeasurable, unidentifiable and faaaar away from logic feelings - the fur.


Something deep down in you mind..not, wrong word. Deep in your spine. When you touch the fur, and it's a time-space continuum machine: takes you to a different world.


I experienced the step into the manhood with the very first "top feeling" - caused by fur.


Internet and furs at the age of 16. Internet was literally unknown in my country when I already knew what I want to learn more about from the big world. Furs, and if I'm just a freak pervert alone in the world.


I think - hope - I returned something back to the fur community on the Internet during the years.


I adore women. I have always did, do and going to ever do as long as I breathe. I know I'm an open book for them, but for me they are the pure perfection of companionship, being a friend, a listener, a person of closeness and someone even more than words describe. That scent.

And if you permit me to being less "mighty" and proposing: there are many wonders in this world on this small dot, the point of rocks and mud in the Universe. I've seen things. I and my lonely wolf seen many sunsets and sunrise in various parts of the world. I did breathe fresh wind standing alone after climbing to the top of the mountain and at the edge of a rock over the ocean and saw the night turning into the the Sun - the arrival of dawn.


But even this is secondary, when you see a warm smile of a woman. She and her body is just when God/or the Universe happened to be in The Best mood. Can you find any other perfection in the world? Yes. And no...


That perfection is a woman. You know you're just right at the _very_ perfect place. This is 100%. Can it be better? ... Read above and you understand the point: there is nothing, nil, nada, and never-ever going to be anything more perfect in this endless Universe than a woman immersing in a deep, thick and endless fur. They are together - existed from Big Bang to wherever the Universe flows to.


The Gods gave me an extremely sensitive skin - not as bad as it sounds, but more sensitive than the average. It is a poison, a curse I have to live with. Yet. Yet...you know where I'm heading to. Furs - blessing. Indescribable. Curse and blessing, Heaven and Hell at the same time - if such matter, idea or law might exist.


Somewhere above, on the thin veil of unknown, there she sits. She looks around and just laughs at me "What do you expect...? Able to change your entry in the Big Book?" But I don't listen to her. Not today.


I made a decision. I have failed so many times and going to fail, but...I-cannot-live-without-furs. I lost many years. And no-one will ain't ever gonna be younger.


Woman. Fur. Woman. Fur. One day I might have the chance to see them together.


Thanks and hope the endless fur you wish and the woman to hug during her sleep,


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Yours is a type of post we have seen often here, but you have put it in a much more appreciative and poetic way! What a fantastic message.


Almost everyone here I think will relate to it. I hope that others here will follow up with messages telling of their feelings and hopes as well.


Hoping this thread will be expanding from posts by some of our new members.



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Their is 'duality' of both, its just time and reckoning to find the one person who will embrace love and fur....it is after all 'sensuality'



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Thanks guys.


If I was bold enough I'd say "I wish my EQ was close to my IQ", I mean just to live with the flow and forget to think, being less logical, and so on. But well. Everyone has areas to develop.


I didn't regret it in the morning.

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