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I need help from a Moderator.

Guest hhhhh

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My username and password don't allow me to login in the old den archives, do i need to be a forum sponsor or can someone help me to access it? thanks for your time

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well no i was attempting to track the posts of specific past members and it is easier to do so if you are registered, as you are more able to track the person's cumulative posts.

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Unfortunately this is something you will need to work with AK - our tech guy - on.


We had problems at one point with people trying to post on there, so there were changes made if I recall correctly. We will have to see what he says.




Great to see a new member here. Hope you have a great time!



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how would I be able to access the fur freaks anonymous posts as well?

Please see the Specialty Forum section of our rules -


That page explains the requirements for gaining access to the Fur Freaks Anonymous forum. FurLoverinFL is the mod who usually handles such requests, however any admin can also approve access requests if the required minimum level of participation has been met.

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