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My New Full Length Fox Coat from elsa-fur 2008


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Hello everyone,


A short time ago I had promised to elbas3175 and a few other Den members, that I would post a couple of pics showing my new fox coat that both Maria and her son Elpidio from elsa-fur 2008 had custom made for me. Elsa-fur 2008 is a wonderful seller of italian made furs on eBay. I am sure most Denners here know who they are.


Taking into account that fox skin prices are and continue to be extremely high in price, I am still very pleased to have received the coat from them and it will be cherished for many years to come as my best collection fur piece. Please note that I am posting the pics in the main Den forum and not on the photo discussion forum, as I wanted to post them here because the coat is very special to me and I feel that it doesn't belong to some random modeling venture and is not a furrier offering. It is one of kind and I had the coat made to my specifications with just one change from the original order; that being the color.


The coat in the pics is dyed a nice shade of blue. I wanted it originally to be a dyed dark red fox like that of a coat that Maria had listed at auction about a month and half ago. Unfortunately, she could not get the quality of skins in the dyed red that I wanted.

So I opted for the lovely shade of blue, as I thought it would be rather unique and it is by all accounts. You would have to see it to believe it. There were a number of other dyed foxes that she managed to acquire, but the blue color seemed the way to go as it is the most subtle color of the bunch that she had offered in lieu of the red color.


I had the coat made with a nice wide collar measured at 8 inches, spiral open style sleeves at 30 inches long, a roomy shoulder width of 22 inches across and a length of 54". I wanted this coat to really stand out and fit me with extra room to spare. I believe the coat is pictured as being modeled by Elpidio, Maria's son. At some point, I will post the coat with me wearing it, in the members area of the Fur Den picture gallery.


I hope the URL's work ok for everyone and here they are:






All my best, robinfur

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thank you for your post, it's a lovely coat " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />

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Wow! That is beautiful!!! She does indeed have a way of making the skin on skin designs work. They indeed look nice in the items that she makes!


I'll borrow it any time!

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Furlondon and White Fox,


Thank you so very much for your kind words on the coat. Maria does have a way of making her clients feel good. She said to me at some point there should be availability on the larger dyed red fox pelts that I originally wanted and intended to have the coat made with.


Perhaps I can have a stroller length version made similiar to that which she had on auction awhile back. I certainly hope for everyone's sake, that pelt prices will flatten out and drop a bit though. As it now stands, fox coats are becoming quite a bit more expensive to buy new. I suppose this will only tend to raise the used fox coat prices up a bit. At any rate, it was still worthwhile to have the coat made.


And White Fox... it is always a pleasure to hear from you and I hope all is going well.


Best wishes everyone, -robinfur

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Wild coat " title="Applause" />


Not sure I'd do blue. Think I'd go with a natural color Silver Fox of some type or another.


Envious none-the-less



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Thanks again for the nice words on the coat!


Off, I decided to go with the 'dyed' blue fox after reviewing what Maria at elsa-fur had available. She went through a quite a bit just to acquire the pelts she could get right now that had some decent quality to them.


I originally wanted a very dark dyed red fox (almost a burgundy like color) for the coat, but I went with the blue because of everything she offered me that she acquired, that color of fox in my opinion had the chance of looking the best once the final product was made for me.


It does look even better in real life actually. I thought long and hard about just going with the silver or natural 'brightened' blue fox pelts, but she was unable to secure those at the time and I really didn't want to wait for them to come around later. Also, I have so many other fox coats in the natural 'brightened' blue fox color, that I have determined it was time to have a few coats in various dyed colors too. I think they actually look pretty cool, as fox just has the ability to mystify when it is colored properly. I think that it is rather boring to just have the same color of the natural fur all the time and I figured it couldn't hurt to try a few new furs with some extra visual flare.


There is one other reason I decided to buy a few fox items that have dyed colors to them, and that is due to the fact that over time natural blue fox fur tends to discolor, darken and / or show yellowing due to exposure from ultraviolet light. That in itself is a big turnoff. I have a number of natural blue fox coats that have slowly been heading south by yellowing and darkening (and they aren't that old either), so buying dyed fox fur items has the appeal of this not happening with age. Again, this is a real plus and should help to retain more of the coat's visual appeal and value over time as well. You ever notice how a nice, older natural fox coat can just look tired due to discoloration, even though it may have many years of good life left to it? It will be nice to know that many of my furs will still look good because they won't have that problem.


I want to have a few more dyed fox fur coats made and would like them all to be of different colors. There are so many exciting colors to choose from, so it should be fun to see what comes next!


All my best, -rob

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I agree totally about the yellowing of blue fox. I firmly believe that it actually becomes almost unusable due to that quicker than pure white fur. It just has always seemed to me to be the worst fur for that. I think it is that a little bit of yellowing of blue fox shows a much more unpleasant colour than white. It doesn't really yellow more. But the results are much more unpleasant.


I've always wondered if a white fox coat dyed white for instance would yellow even a tiny bit less than a plain natural coloured white fox coat.


Blue is absolutely beautiful. When you get it. But it becomes off colour so very quickly.


It looks like yours is a white fox coat dyed blue. I like that. I find that some colours of blue fox dyed can actually have a sort of "dirty look" to them



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Hi Aldhissla,


Thanks for asking about how many pelts were used. You know, I am not totally sure. And I never actually asked Maria how many it took. All told though, I would have to guess at least 14 to 16 went into making it. It may have more than that too. It is quite heavy, even for me.


I have a photo of it spread out on my California King waterbed and it almost covers the whole bed like a spread! There appears to be about 16 larger sections on the coat and it is trimmed down along the front on both sides too. And with the collar at about 8 inches across, that must account for one pelt right there all by itself. The sleeves are 30 inches long with 6 spirals making up each sleeve. Thats 12 total spirals averaging 5 inches wide and about a foot around. One heck of a lot of fur for sure!


The coloration on the dyed blue fox fur is exquisite and very bright. The guard hair tips are still black on the ends, suggesting very a good dye job and some prime pelting. Due to the denseness of the fur, I am sure the fox on this coat was natural blue fox scandanavian farmed skins to start with. I almost thought about having it hooded at first when I ordered it, but thought it might suit me better having a big fat, juicy fur collar instead!



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Awesome! Though I am not particularly fond of spiral sleeves, I guess I could make an exception for this coat:)


Of the dyed fox colours, I think cinnamon or dark brown looks best, as I think it is closer to the natural colours of such long haired furs. Or jet black:)


Robinfur, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am looking forward to your pictures in this gorgeous fur coat!


By the way, besides corresponding with elsafur via email, I wonder if anyone has ever visited their place in Ercolano, Naples, Italy. In OCtober, I might be going to Italy, and I was wondering if it is worth a detour...

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I agree on the cinnamon, dark brown and black. How about this one:




And of course, my very own:








I have actually visited elsafur in Ercolano. I'm not sure that they have a retail store - I believe Daria Pelliccerie does, but not sure where it is. I visited elsafur at their home. They brought out the coats I'd said I would be interested in. I'm not sure whether they have their entire collection there or at a different location.


Bear in mind that their English is limited


Daria pelliccerie is also in Ercolano. And there is a street which has a lot of small furriers as well, within walking distance of the train station.


Also bear in mind that there are two train stations in Ercolano. Check which one you should be going to!


Plus there are the historic sites of Herculaneum, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius to see, and Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri to visit!

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The first two I would proudly wear. " title="Applause" />


Maybe modified somewhat to my personal style/taste.


Would love visiting that area of Italy and her furs



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  • 3 weeks later...

Yes indeed, great to see you back again Fox! Been a long while.


And indeed I do love that middle one. Plus the fact that this gal has really figured out how to use just a bit of sex to make sales too. I imagine that they are selling a lot of fur right now.


Also she seems to have figured out the way to keep at least decent quality while keeping the prices down a bit too. Always a difficult balance to achieve!

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It's been a long while indeed. Thank you as well for the warm regards WF.


That f/l brown fox coat is rather astonishing. If the prices on blue fox were what they were months ago, I'd be a lot more likely to splurge on that. But with what the prices are right now, I'm extremely hesitant.

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Hey elbas,


Did you originally have that coat designed for you (the f/l brown fox from Elsa)? Or was it already on her site and you ordered one with your measurements? I guess what I'm asking is was it designed with a man or woman in mind?

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