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How soft is lynx??


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How soft is lynx fur?


My wife is wanting a very soft,fluffy coat. We saw some lynx online that are gorgeous, however, she's afraid it might be a little coarse, like coyote can be. Fox is obviously very soft, but this lynx just looks to die for.


Anyone know if lynx maintains a softness, or does it tend to get coarse?



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remember that softness is a sort of personal preference. However...


There are a number of kinds of lynx, but I always think of them as two types. One is the so called "Cat lynx" or "Bobcat" with the very short fur, and the other is the longer haired lynx. This is a cat lynx coat. http://www.georgiasfurs.com/Fur%20Gallery/catlynxcoat.html ... This is the longer haired coat most people call lynx. http://www.georgiasfurs.com/Fur%20Gallery/russian_lynx_coat.html


I would not say that cat lynx (Bobcat) is extremely soft as it is quite "Flat". But I would also think that it would be a good bit more durable. It has a sort of "Feel of it's own". It is not a bit harsh like mink is either. It is just more of a "flat" feeling fur.


The coats most furriers refer to as lynx are somewhat soft. But remember that often times the more expensive the lynx coat, the less dense the fur is. The fur around the belly is quite thin, but is highly valued. I think I might be correct in saying that it has more of a "silky" feel to it rather than a "Soft" feel to it.


I think as a general rule that the hairs on a lynx coat would be more easily broken than on a bobcat coat, and I would not recommend she wear it in a car, etc. without unbuttoning it or taking it off. I think you would get a line of wear from the seat belt very quickly. I would also not recommend you cross any national borders with a lynx or bobcat coat. Often officers there are not very "learned in fur types", and you might be more apt to have problems than with another fur type.


So, there is a start. Let's see what others think here.



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What is usually seen as the very soft long haired lynx is lynx bellys and can be very expensive.


As WF said, softness is a matter of personal taste and preference. Also keep in mind that fur softness can vary from pelt to pelt of the same specie. In this case, what is probably desired is a garment of very high quality pelts.

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Lynx is my most favourite fur and I have a number of them from Bobcat to the long haired Lynx.


One favourite is a Bobcat lined Buckskin jacket and a longer haired Lynx lined Timberland hooded jacket (long) (See Gallery for both).


It has the thick luxury I love most in a fur and the extreme softness.



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i was in a local furrier and has the chance to touch a lynx fur and omygawwww it was soo soft.. the lynx

wasnt even coarse... it just felt naturally soft to the touch....

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