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Album down. Need help

White Fox

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Folks you will have noticed from the message in our Information Forum that we lost all of the photographs in one album in our Gallery recently. Unfortunately, someone clicked the wrong button at the wrong time. So, we just need to move on and have fun refilling the fur fashion album again.


However, folks we really need your help! If you ever see something not quite right around here please let an administrator know. If our tech folks had realized in time that the album photographs were gone, then they could have used the backups to solve the problem. But unfortunately no one told us and as a result we lost thousands of catalogued images of fantastic quality!


It's not the end of the world. All other albums are ok. We have taken steps to keep this from happening again. But we would really appreciate it, if you ever see something not quite right here to just leave a message in our information forum for our tech folks to see. If it is nothing that is great! And if it is a problem occurring it might just allow us to avert any losses in the future like the one we just experienced.


Thanks all


White Fox

Site Administrator

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This is a most unfortunate news:( A few months ago, I was entertaining the thought of downloading the whole gallery, but I ended up not doing it because I did not want to cause difficulty for the Den's bandwidth allocation. I hope the gallery will be restored.


PS: I have just checked the gallery and the unlucky gallery is "Fur fashion" which was for me the most important gallery:(

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