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I've returned to the forum


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Well, I've been away from the forum for several months. My beloved and I were preparing to wed, and with all the stuff that goes with that, there was little time for anything else outside of work. We tied the knot in a lovely handfasting ceremony last weekend.


I also had to take time out from all of this to have my thyroid removed. I am now fully recovered.


Oh yes.... Along the way I found time to purchase a rather nice - that's putting it mildly - black fox parka, purfect for walking the beach in the winter.


I'm happy to be back.

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Hey, we are happy to have you back!


And glad that all went well for you. Glad to hear of your new purchase as well too.


Sorry to hear of your thyroid problem but many people in the world live with that. Including me!

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I'm glad your health is stable. Afterall, if we don't have our health we don't have anything.


Admittedly, I was wondering where you might be off to as you posted frequently. Now we know. Again, I'm glad your healt is good.




I wish you and your new wife all the best!



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Yes, I'm back, but I miss my furs! They're all in storage. Given how cool the weather has been here north of east, I could have used one or two.

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