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Anyone hear about or see Vogue's June issue?


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I was trolling through the net and stumbled across Vogue's (Italian) June issue. All I can say is (..in the words of Mike Meyers) "Hello!" The issue or this segment is about plus sized women. In my opinion, they really aren't plus sized but that's just me. It's definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

There are some pictures from the issue on the web, http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/b--The-plus-sized-models-of-Vogue-Italia-6957.html and there is a short video on YouTube, http://youtu.be/0g9ODpG0XpA.


















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E 'carnoso! These models just have a little meat on their bones. Sure beats the hell out of the anorexic look ones sees on most models today!

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If only those women knew how much that turns many guys off when they are so thin. They roll over in bed and they are so thin you suddenly can't find them!


Great to see fur in magazines this early in the year though. To me that is a very good signal.

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