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A quiz

White Fox

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Now please don't just search this out on Google or such. That just spoils the fun for everyone!


The post about James Bond in the Den reminded me of this question. Or two questions really.


There was an American actor who played the part of a spy. It was somewhat of a spoof of James Bond. This person was an American singer and comedian.


What was the name of the spy. (The James Bond like character.) What was the name of the actor who played that part. And what was the screen name of the secretary of the spy he played? As I recall the secretary's name is not easy to spell, but as long as you are close you have it.

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My first thought is "Maxwell Smart". But I don't recall him being a singer. I also can't remember his name. Then there was "99" who also was a spy on the show "Get Smart", but not a secretary. I guess I lose...



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Matt Helm. Played by Dean Martin.

His secretary was "Lovey Kravezit." Played by Beverly Adams.


Final Answer.


David Niven also played James Bond in the spoof, "Casino Royale."

In that film, Woody Allen played James Bond's brother, "Jimmy Bond."


Disclosure: I knew "Lovey Kravezit" but I had to look up Beverly Adams' name.

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Am I wrong or didn't the Matt Helm films have a special telephone with an unusual ring every time the agent was needed??? (Not the shoe in Maxwell Smart)



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Sorry for not being around to answer here. Yep, Worker is correct.


Not sure about the telephone. I've a couple of the movies on disc here. I'll have to watch to see about the special ringing phone.

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