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Favorite Desparate Housewifes scene

Guest furlessinCA

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Now granted I initially watched the show because the women are attractive (yes I'm a pig). But I did watch the show with my wife. After a few episodes it became just TOO RIDICULOUS! An evening soap opera that I just couldn't waste my time on.


At any rate though, my favorite scene was one of Eva Longoria coming into her house wearing a chinchilla bolero! YES IT WAS REAL! I swear it took my breath away. Yeah I know, sounds corny and/or sappy...my wife thinks I'm a sap. I must qualify this with I AM a sucker for chinchilla, so soft and delicate.


I know of only one other scene with fur. Perhaps it, or another that I don't know about are your favorite?


Now to the yard!



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Don't even watch the show, but did see a clip of a 'sable' coat with nothing on underneath walking into a 'motel' room....not sure the episode, who, what where but....was pretty nice.



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I agree with both you guys. My wife and I used to watch the show but the plot lines got all convoluted and the whole show became overly dramatic to the point where it became ludicrous. We stopped watching.


We will tune in every once in a while just to look but we often don't make it through a whole episode. However, I'm going to have to look for that clip... Time to hit the search engines!

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