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Men who love fur! Next Oprah.

Guest furlessinCA

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Hopefully I got your attention. Who of you out there would go on the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about how you love fur? Would you reveal that you just like to wear it? Would you reveal that you like how it feels next to your body? How would you respond to the "killing animals just so you can have pleasure" question?


I honestly don't know if I would do it. Perhaps with support from others I would reveal that I like to wear fur. That I like the fell of fur. I'm not so sure that I would reveal any more. Call me chicken. I'm O.K. with that.


This is not limited to the males of the den. The females of the den are certainly encouraged to contribute.



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I would be interested to see that show!


Personally, I would wear fur in public and I don't care what people think. I don't have my own fur coat right now. Only a fur coat for my wife and some fur accessories. Of course, we have several real-fur Bears too!


When the time is right and my budget permits, I think I would like to get a nice, big fur parka with a hood. I am not sure about a full length coat. Maybe, but I'm not always a big fan of full length coats even if they aren't fur. My ideal fur coat is like an Eskimo parka. I would like to see an authentic caribou parka like the natives wear.


Some people tell me that caribou isn't the nicest fur to wear but I like the look. Maybe a coyote fur parka or fox, then. How about a wolf?


I think my ideal look would be something like this:



I'd probably want a coat that is shorter. Probably mid-thigh but, if I found a coat that looked like that I might just go for it.


Nobody would dare try to verbally run down a guy wearing fur who looked like that!

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I agree with Worker that the Haggred (sp?) character would be the perfect person to show up at a PeTA protest - might just cause some to re-think their stupidity.


As to being interviewed on a TV show about my wearing fur - no way I prefer to keep the media out of my life.


I have a coyote parka that has exceeded its useful life and am looking for a replacement probably in a different fur. The arctic style parka has proven to have been a good choice that not only is very warm, but very well received by others which was somewhat unexpected. It seems many ladies like the look of a long haired parka on a man and are willing to offer compliments.



When you are ready, I would recommend a coyote parka over one in timber wolf. Wolf is rather expensive, and many people mistakenly think a coyote garment is wolf. While the look might be nice, I would recommend against a caribou/reindeer garment. The leather is very thick and the resulting garment is very heavy. Also the hair being hollow breaks very easily, so caribou garments do not last very well.

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Generally, the answer is 'no'. I have no problem wearing my furs - although that's a luxury I don't get to experience too often living way down in Florida. I've got no use for or need to be exploited by Oprah or Jerry or Montel or any of the other 'human circus' shows that exist these days.



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I probably wouldn't go on TV for fur or anything else for that matter.


I don't have a problem telling anybody that I like fur. If people don't like fur, they don't have to but if they want to tell me what to do, they can just go pound salt up their asses!


My problem is that you don't have control over the way they edit video footage and spin the truth. You could be the most polite, soft-spoken person on earth and you could act in the most gracious and well-mannered way but, once they get that video into the editing room, they can make anybody look like a fool or a crazy person. Even if you gave the best, perfectly worded and most logical argument for your position, they could clip out sound bites to make it seem like you said something different or even cut you out entirely.


Virtually NOTHING on television or in the movies is true. Hollywood is a pure fantasy land where even the fake stuff is fake. If you don't have a well paid press agent who looks out for your interest you don't stand a chance in that snake pit.


I think I'd like to see the show but it'd be a snowy day in August before I'd ever appear on it!


While the look might be nice, I would recommend against a caribou/reindeer garment. The leather is very thick and the resulting garment is very heavy. Also the hair being hollow breaks very easily, so caribou garments do not last very well.

While I don't mind a heavy garment so much, the fact that the fur does not wear well is a concern. I suppose the natives who wear caribou don't mind because, when their coats wear out they can just go out and shoot another caribou and make a new coat. Couldn't they?


I like the look of coyote, though. I would still like to check out an authentic caribou parka just for my own curiosity but a coyote parka would be just as nice.

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No, I wouldn't want to either. Maybe I would if the topic was expanded to include love of the forest, love of a crackling fire, or love of being near crashing waves on a beach. All natural wonders... like fur.

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Personally, I'm with Worker on this, I'd avoid being on any of the talk shows that 'might' even consider doing a subject like this. Too much chance that the editing would either change whatever was said to fit the worldview/beliefs of the host, or it would be twisted around to fit what they think the targeted audience want's to hear.


Now, if Hollywood (or Hollywierd if you prefer ) would just stick to producing entertainment, if some of the stuff on TV or in movies can be called that, things might be more acceptable. Unfortunately, we have to deal with some in that industry trying to push their likes/dislikes on everyone else in a call for change (of some sort or other).

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I am going to try an answer this question defending not only men wearing fur but advocating the industry as a whole.


I would love the chance to go on the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about fur and all its uses. I would gladly tell her; unlike most I really don’t feel compiled to fit into a homogenized society when it comes to animals, religion, life style, etc. Are you aware of the fact that; every culture on earth has different values, ideas, and feelings about eating meat and what happens to the hide? Men/Women have been wearing and using fur from the very beginning of their time on earth.


I would go on to explain to her that I am proud to be able to wear fur coats and use fur through out my home fulfilling a variety of my needs. You are aware of the fact guys through out the world young and old alike absolutely find wearing leather irresistible. You do realize leather is nothing more than a hide with the hair removed. Can you please tell me the differences between fur on or off (guys are in real denial about what leather really is)?


Where fur is totally green! I honestly believe people who wear synthetics have no regard for future generations and are doing a great disservice to the environment. Synthetics are not biodegradable and their basic ingredient is oil, creating a lot of pollution in their manufacture. Then I would show off my collection of fur coats. Several of them are so well designed unless you knew they were real fur; they do not look like at all fur. No, I would not show up wearing feminine fur designs such as a flowing full length white mink, silver fox, etc. that would be foolish.


I would then go on and defend my right to wear fur. I would put it to her this way. When it comes down to human survival verses animals’ which would you chose? I would explain it like this; hunting and fur farming is away of life for hundreds of thousands of people through out the world. The meat from a timber wolf for example will feed sled dogs in northern countries which are still used to aid human survival. There are hundreds of restaurants through the North America that serve wild meat (not everyone has access to traditional meat for the table) for example elk, beaver, raccoon, deer, etc. When an animal has reached maturity and is ready to be harvested its hide is tanned then made into enormous objects creating thousands and thousands of jobs. Oprah are you against that? Should the fur industry be closed up and shut down putting all those people out of work?


I would ask the audience how many of you aware of the fact that you more than likely own something made from an animal for the purpose of sitting, sleeping, walking, clothing or the food on your table. Still think fur is wrong? How many of you have needleless hit an animal with your auto and could cared less as you continued on. Did you know there is a cottage industry that has sprung up recently harvesting these pelts for various uses? I personally would never stand for the killing of exotic, endangered or rear animals in any culture because, once there gone: they really are gone for ever. I would also like to point out that the fur industry in civilized countries is heavily regulated (care, housing, etc.). But that stands to reason the richer the fur the purer the meat the more profit is made. Yes: if you look hard enough you will find some bad apples. However it has been found that 99% of the people in this industry are in compliance with all of the regulations.

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It would be a very balanced presentation.


I would totally agree with the petrochemical 'fur' products and most of what are made from petrochemicals.


You are correct in your assumptions about the use of animal products in a wide variety of products we use. Most people do not know.


Good post



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I absolutely agree with both of you guys. You make some very good points.


I would make similar arguments in favor of fur.


Oprah just wouldn't be the venue.

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As Worker indicated, a fair and balanced discussion regarding fur and other animal products would be very useful for combating the false statements and mis-information by the anti-fur crowd.


However Oprah, or most any portion of the current mass media would be a poor place to do so as there would be no guarantee that the message would not be severely distorted by selective editing before the show aired.

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To One And All (TOAA):


All excellent posts/responses! It is interesting to get everyone's individual take. I do aggree that WE would have to be careful with regard to how the final editing would affect the message, e.g. we support many industries, personal choice and so forth. One common theme I observed is that we all assumed that Oprah would be "anti-fur". Do we know that this is the case? Afterall, she A) lives in Chicago, and personally I think you'd have to be a nut NOT to have fur when you live in Chicago, but B) as was pointed out, she gave fur coats to all her female staff (at home? at work?). Note: if I was one of her male staff, I might have asked "Where's mine?" I would hope she would come into this interview objectively, even though she is very powerful and may have an agenda.


The one thing I think we as a group would have to be VERY CAREFUL about would be public perception. Do we want the public to thik we are aroused and "turned on" by fur OR do we want to simply state our case that it is a choice, our choice to wear fur and use fur as "furnishings" in our homes (e.g. bedspread). Afterall I would think part of OUR collective goal would be to CONVINCE MORE people that it is not only "O.K." to wear/use fur, but actually enjoyable. We don't want the public to think we are perverts. NOTE: I don't think this, but my wife does...Ive been through this here on the den, many folks helped me. My point is: if my wife is representative of the general public (and I don't know if she is or isn't), then we have to be careful how we present all we like about fur. It can be reletively harmless as in "wearing a hug" to more extreme "I like my GF naked in fur" (again note: I'd LOVE this too, we just need to be careful about public perception).


I ABSOLUTELY respect all those who would not go on any type of show. All are correct that most of these shows are circuses, and further, producers could edit the direction of the interview. Again, I'm not sure I'd go on either. Heck I still worry about what kind of comments I might get if I wore a fur jacket around where I live. As much as I'd love a full length blue fox because it is thick and soft, I'd HAVE to wear something a sheared fur parka or jacket or a coyote parka for the "more masculine" look. So to "expose myself" (come out of the closet in another manner) that I even just like to wear fur...well I don't know. Maybe I am just chicken.


Finally, again, all good and interesting posts. I have been thinking about this question for some time. I finally got time to actually add something here, not just the quick perusal before I go to bed.

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My preference for fur comes in two parts.


I like fur for its warmth, comfort and luxury and fur also turns me on.


While I am able to separate these two concepts in my mind, I don't have faith that others will. People who are against some idea will use all sorts of logical fallacy to make their point and they will not follow logic or the rules of debate as they argue. People like this will take one small aspect of an argument and blow it out of proportion to paint all fur lovers as perverts and deviants. It is a good bet that the anti-fur crowd will try to paint all people who like fur for any reason, whether it's sexual or not, as deviants.


I have no problem admitting to people I know that fur is a turn-on for me. On the other hand, I don't go trumpeting that to the masses, either. If you know me and the subject comes up I'll tell you what I think and I won't even blink. If you don't know me the answer will be, "None of your business."


Here's the rub. I think most people understand the sensual aspect of fur. How many movies and TV shows have we seen where a woman in a fur coat seduces a man? How many scenes have we seen where a man and a woman make out in a bed of fur? We have a gallery album full of frame grabs from movies and TV shows. I, personally, have uploaded at least a dozen.



It is clear to me that the sensual aspects of fur are well understood by the general public and that nearly any person of average character who didn't have an anti-fur or anti-sex agenda would be inclined to indulge in a "roll in the fur" if presented with an appropriate opportunity.


Back to the root of the question: Our current mass media enjoys making a spectacle of everything. They will exaggerate any tiny, little aspect of any thing if they think it will make a buck. Nothing makes more money than sexual controversy. It is a sure bet that, if they get even the slightest chance, they will jump at the chance to make a spectacle out of people who think fur is sexy.


I truly believe that being sexually turned on by fur is well within the bounds of normal behavior. People are turned on by silk. People are turned on by leather. People are turned on by Spandex. Why are they not vilified like fur lovers?


As far as I am concerned, consenting adults have the right to indulge in anything they want within the confines of their own bedrooms. Nobody else has the right to dictate what people should or should not do providing they are not hurting anybody else in the process.


However, I am not confident that this belief will be upheld by any entity associated with our modern mass media.

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You make a VERY good point with regard to what is sensual/sexual. The first thought that came to mind is that it is (seemingly) almost universally accepted that "sleeping" on silk sheets is the end-all for sensuality (and sexuality). That silk sheets enhance "the process" that they feel SO soft etc. etc. etc.


What about those POOR silk worms!!!????

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What about those POOR silk worms!!!????


From "The Vegan Society:"



Silkworm is the common name for the silk-producing larvae of several species of moth. The larva is not a worm at all but a caterpillar. The adult moths are extinct in the wild but are reared in large numbers by the silk industry. Silkworms feed mainly on the leaves of the mulberry tree.Silkworm farming is called sericulture.


Typical Commercial Silkworm Production


The first stage of silk production is the hatching of the silkworm eggs, which takes place in a controlled environment. The female lays 300 to 400 eggs at a time, each about the size of a pinhead. The female dies almost immediately after depositing the eggs.


The larvae hatch in about 10 days and are about 0.6cm long. Once hatched they are placed under a layer of gauze and fed large quantities of chopped mulberry leaves. The larva will eat 50,000 times its initial weight in plant material.


After four to six weeks, when the larva has achieved its maximum growth, it stops eating, changes colour and attaches itself to a compartmented frame, twig, tree or shrub in the rearing house ready to become a chrysalis.


A Hard Day’s Night


Over the next four days the silkworm spins a fibrous cocoon around itself. The cocoon is secreted as a continuous silk fibre up to a mile long from special glands in the silkworm's head.


If the adult moth were allowed to emerge from the cocoon naturally, it would secrete an alkali, which would eat through the cocoon. Therefore the silkworms are killed by heat to preserve the silk cocoon, by immersion in boiling water, steaming or drying in an oven. Only enough adult moths are allowed to emerge to ensure the continuation of the species.


Hundreds Die


The amount of useable silk from each cocoon is small, so it takes hundreds of tiny lives to produce just one silk scarf or tie.


Stud Bank & Breeding Research


A limited number of pupae are allowed to complete their chrysalis stage, the resulting silk moths being the stud bank that produces eggs to breed future generations of silkworm.


Researchers are keen to establish silkworm varieties for low-cost cocoons, disease resistance and polyphagy (ability to utilise more than one type of food) etc. As with other types of animal farming, research and technology are used to increase production.


Silk Gut


Another silkworm product is silkworm gut. Immediately before the cocoon stage, the silkworm pupae are killed by immersion in an acidic solution. Their bodies are opened and the silk glands extracted and stretched into a strand. These strands or 'silkworm gut' were once favoured by surgeons for stitching and by anglers for lines. Silk gut is no longer used as a surgical suture but silk fibres may be used. Silk gut is still found in some angling products.


World Silk Production


World silk production continues to increase. In 2000 world raw-silk production was 84,403 tonnes and it increased to 125,605 tonnes in 2005. China and India rank first and second respectively as the world's largest raw-silk producers.


Say No to Silk


Silk may be used for suits, coats, trousers, jackets, shirts, ties, lingerie, hosiery, gloves, lace, curtains, linings and handbags. Synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are stronger and cheaper than silk. Rayon, composed of cellulose, is another alternative to silk. Fibres from bamboo can be made into fabrics that look and drape like silk. Bamboo fabric is growing in popularity as a more environmentally friendly fabric since bamboo grows easily without any chemical input and helps to stabilise soils.


They also have a similar section on the production of shellac which, if you don't already know comes from the Lac Beetle... which are also killed in the production process.


However, I hesitate to provide a link to that site because I don't want to leave tracks on their web server which will lead back to us when people click the links.


You can click this link to Google's search page which will point you to the Vegan Society's web page: http://www.google.com/search?q=the+vegan+society


I just don't want to legitimize a bunch of kooks by providing them with hits on their website, courtesy of the Fur Den.


Still... Why do people think of THEM as normal but not people who like fur, regardless of the reason they like it?

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Hmmm... Maybe there is too much the thought of 'cute and cuddly' when a furry animal comes to mind; irregardless of it's actual behavior or nature. Go over to a worm or caterpillar (or something else of that nature) and you might get a different reaction altogether. I see this dichotomy in my wife between various types of animals; she sees something that has been hit by a car and it becomes 'poor little baby whatever', but find an earthworm while planting stuff, or a slug (or other) somehow gets in the house (I've got to figure out where they are coming from...) and it becomes 'eewwwww, do something with it'. Case in point; I'm forbidden from growing broccoli again after the caterpillar incident last year (there were some little green caterpillars on the broccoli when I brought it in for dinner).


FLCA, as for Oprah, you're right in the fact we don't really know her stance on this issue, but I'll guess she was the first to come to mind for a talk show when this came up. In the overall look at this topic (on any talk show) I think it might have a chance to be twisted or changed by editing because of the societal view that is out there about wearing fur (at least in American culture). This does, of course, depend on the targeted audience or demographic of whichever talk show the episode ends up being on.

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And I thought I was just being a smartass when I wrote "poor little silk worms"...


Talk about OVER THE TOP!


I HAVE TO THINK that Oprah owns several furs. Even if she bought and is "rethinking", I find it hard to believe that she would just dispose of them (not literaly throw them in the trash). I'm sure her mink (again assuming) was of the 10 to 20 thousand dollar variety...


GOOD CALL on NOT directly providing a link from the Vegan Society to here!

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I would be utterly shocked if uber liberal Oprah had such a show. Her liberal PETA-loving friends would hang her from the highest tree.


BUT, I'll go with the question as asked......answer is: No. As has been must astutely pointed out, it would be exploitation of us.


My wife and I choose our venues where we wear fur carefully and thoughtfully. We have (as I have reported) been received with overwhelmingly positive comments from others who we meet. We will continue to have positive experiences and when appropriate, I will include all of you as much as possible.




Fur Now. Fur Furever.

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I've wanted to wait here to reply to let others come in first. Far too often I am on threads before others get a chance.


My thoughts are close to others though slightly different in a way too. I find that in winter that in many places, wearing fur is just normal. I don't usually wear it in the local hardware store for instance. Would you wear a tux to go to the hardware? A bit the same though to a far lower degree. However, generally, a day in fur tends to be a somewhat "normal" day for me. Hope that makes sense. Do I wear fur every day in winter? Nope. Do I wear it a lot? Yep!


If I were to go on a show like this, it would tend to sensationalize the action. I would be turning a daily experience into a big deal. If I could prove in my mind that it would indeed make some more people comfortable with wearing it, then I would possibly think more about going on the show. However, my thought is that to sensationalize it is to kind of put it into the wrong "frame". Puff D is a person who can wear it on the air. That is his "Normal Activity". It is my normal activity to wear it to the theater. To the book store. To the restaurant. Not my "Norm" to wear it on tv. I just think that somehow I might feel more like I was showing off rather than promoting it's use.


Anyhow, I am realizing here as I write this that I am not explaining this well but not sure how to do it differently. Hope this makes sense to someone. This is only one part of a large subject. The other "Parts" being already explained by others. Just wanted to add this.

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  • 3 months later...

Not men in fur, but I found this on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKdzDXBAzV8&feature=related.


I don't think these sorts of shows are the right way of putting forward a reasoned argument containing facts, they are all out for the sensational. That would probably mean turning up in a fur coat to find the rest of the pannel consists peta loving morons that want to lable you an animal murderer.

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You're right, not men in fur, but at least the model got her argument across. "People should be allowed to wear what they want"


All of the men to the model's right were wearing suits. How many NICE suits are NOT made of wool? Where does wool come from? Even cotton, one can argue is animal cruelty, right? Let's be very basic. Where are cotton fields planted? Generally natural habit for MANY animals is disrupted for cotton farms. I would conservatively guess hundreds if not thousands of species (most of which are insects), but also burrowing animals, birds and so on.


At any rate, 1) I'm preaching to the choir. 2) We face the age-old argument: "You can't argue emotion with logic."


I do like the pink fur. Not that I'd wear it out, but it would be nice to wrap up in! What is it about big full furs???


Does anybody know what show this clip was taken from? I'd like to see the whole thing.

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The Clip in Question is taken from Geraldo Rivera's old morning Talk Show unfortuneately,the whole show is not available online at this present time but if someone out there has it,we'd all love to see it!!!!!!!

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