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Please note...

White Fox

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Please note that we just placed a post in the Pub on "Off Topic Attachments". We would love to know your thoughts on that. I thought that we would have many replies til now but so far only one.


Thanks all. Generally I don't post here to tell people of posts in the Pub but since a lot of people seem to be missing that thread, I wanted to make sure all have seen it.


I also want to thank all who have posted in the "A Question" thread in this forum. I hope that even more will. I would love to hear from members that seldom or never post. These threads are ones that really help us to further develop the site.


Thanks again



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Thank you White Fox, for all the work in the background, to keep this site running. As I wrote in your 'A Question' thread, I truly do see this as a 'Den'; some where to hide away and indulge in ones' own fantasies



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