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Cute outfit.


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He was diggin' the fur. Wasn't he?


I wish I could understand German - There were a couple of instances where he reached out and touched the fur, and it appeared that he was really looking at it at other times. I would like to know what he said about it. Anybody here speak German that could give us a translation?

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Having watched foreign movies with subtitles as part of my job for the last 15 years, I can interpret the meaning of what people say but I don't really speak the language. I can pick up a few words, here and there, but I can't follow a conversation, word for word.


I perceive that many Germans play their emotions close to the vest in public but, still, it seemed pretty clear that he liked the fur.

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not word for word, but better than nothing;

"Enie: Hi! Harald: Hi _ completely in red!

Enie: Yes! I thought it makes you happy in the evening.

Harald: Yes and it's great. What are those shoes? Which designer?

Enie: These are health shoes. The shoes are made ​​of wood. You know, I'm Dutch - that clogs!

Harald: These are health shoes?

Enie: Yeah, these are health shoes. Even if they do not look.

Harald: Well, yes. The heel is slightly wider. It runs on a wide contact surface.

Enie: you can not fall over.

Harald: And this jacket? Is it the same Desinger?

Enie: No - that is (aaahh) Vivian Westwood!

Enie + Harald: Aaahh!

Harald: Is it incredibly expensive?

Enie: No - I was in London. And I also filmed a TV report. - You are your own fault - do not you come out of your TV studio!

Harald: I envy you. Even your colleagues - Barcelona, Rio, anywhere in the world.

Enie: Yes and I was in London. And did not have much money to spend on anything. But in the very first store, I have seen this jacket and I had to have it.

Harald: And did you buy it. May I ask, How much did the jacket?

Enie: Hmmm, 170 pounds.

Harald: It's still ok.

Enie: Yes, that's ok. But now it looks like my favorite animal. (She shakes her arms.) Like a Poodle dog.

Harald: Your favorite animal is a Poodle?

Enie: Yeah! (laughs)

Harald: Right. (laughs and touches the cuffs) ...with these paw-sleeves here. Yeah! (Enie laughs and moves her finger tips)

Harald: 170 pounds? they are? 510 Mark. (Remark:then there was no Euro-currency) Because it always means: Designer clothes were expensive!

Enie: Yes, it was just sales.

Harald: A bargain.

Enie: Hmmm.

Harald: And what I wanted to ask - without being too private. (Enie laughs) And without that, you have to present it: What are these stockings? (Enie corrected her skirt and laughs.)

Enie: Ehmmm.

Harald: These stockings are very sophisticated garters. (Enie shows it -> Whistles from the audience and applause)

Harald: This is also from london?

Enie: No - but it looks good, with the jacket.

Harald: It suits you very well.

Enie: Thanks."

translates to counter 2:30 - the rest of the conversation:

Enie's work, her new boyfriend (with sex on the toilet), future plans ...

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