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A hot scene in Spartacus with luscious red fox!


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The first episode of the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand has a very hot scene in which the wife of a Roman commander sneaks into his war tent to give him an incredibly sexy feast in a gorgeous hooded red fox coat! The coat is quite "wild" with as little furriership as possible, and with full pelts. I have uploaded some screen caps to the Den's gallery, and to another image hosting website for easy reference here. The caps below and in the gallery end with a great tease, and I must assure you that the coat falls off completely, to reveal what you are expecting it to reveal:) That surprise and the rest of my screencaps-more than 200, I have uploaded to a file sharing site:



a5af13128133690.jpg 6f50f9128133695.jpg 73aa92128133699.jpg b2ad2f128133703.jpg 0b99b5128133707.jpg 8323eb128133711.jpg 1fc0c9128133714.jpg fb99bd128133717.jpg a5ab14128133724.jpg bf2dc2128133730.jpg f928b2128133735.jpg 932cba128133738.jpg f6fe72128133744.jpg 67a28b128133748.jpg 37fb5a128134168.jpg f1baf0128134181.jpg 169af4128134190.jpg d65a6d128134204.jpg e035fb128134226.jpg 6421ff128134236.jpg 909234128134241.jpg 4172e3128134246.jpg e3c686128134251.jpg 8d7362128134267.jpg 3b3a95128134279.jpg 77fbbc128134305.jpg c14e51128134313.jpg

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