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Help us with movies thread.

White Fox

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Folks you have probably noticed that the movies thread has expanded greatly lately. However, Alfurme commented (and is correct) that we have no ideas as to which movies have a few seconds of fur and which have a lot.


If any of you have comments on any of the movies posted please feel free to let us know about that. Keep them short though. Since the comments are in the order of the films and it is not possible to change post orders here, we have to do this using copy and paste. But we would indeed like to know any info you have on any of these movies. Remember though to take it easy on us. This involves a lot of administration work.



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The more information everyone can supply, the better. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to get into that kind of detail on all the movies!



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So when collating the movie info do you jus put all the info into a database & then print out a summary each time? or are you really jus cutting & pasting from posts?


Tell me you're at least thinking about pasting it into a spreadsheet for future easy access?


Looks over his shoulder & finds everyone a pace behind him

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Actually, this is indeed a case of What you see is What you Get!

If someone looks through the list on the front page post, they can see all movies. Each there is in the order of the posts that follow them where they were entered. So, if the movie you see is in section 5, then any info we have about it is in reply 5 following. This is as basic as you can get.


Remember one thing though. In the future we hope to have a much better search system here through the use of a form of Wiki. It will be a long time yet in coming. So thus the need for the movies thread. But it will come and at that time the possibilities will be so much better for info retrieval.



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