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Cleaning furs


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Regardless of cost or efficacy, I would not use gasoline as a cleaner for anything.


When I was a kid my father used to use kerosene to clean guns and we always had to use it outside and be extremely careful that we didn't spill any on ourselves and we had to be especially careful not to catch anything on fire, accidentally.


Gasoline is even more volatile than kerosene. Even if it works, you'd be taking your life into your own hands.

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Gasoline??? at over $4.00/gal? Must be for non-smoking fur owners.


gasoline is so cheap in the USA. 4$ a gal is too much?

we pay 9,8$ per gallon here in Greece!!!!!


1 gallon is 3.785 litre

we pay 1.75 Euros (multiplied by 1.48 is 2,59$) per litre.

Now multiply that again with 3.785 and there's the 9.8 dollars per gallon!!!

Not only that, but we are still in recession, the government invents new ways to steal our money each day plus minimum wage here is about 900$ per month (and tipping is not common here, if your wage is 900$ you'll get 900$).


PS: Excuse me for posting an irrelevant message to such an interesting topic

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The original poster's message has been answered and everybody seems to have had their say in the matter of the thread topic. I don't have a problem with side discussions that come after the main discussion.


Does anybody else?


If a topic generates a large amount of side discussion it is possible to split that part of the topic into its own message thread but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it... IF... if we ever come to it.




The problem with high gas prices in the U.S., even when comparatively low compared to other places is that so much of the economy is tied to transportation.


Due to some stupid political moves and some borderline criminal activity on the part of automotive companies, public transportation outside of cities is virtually non-existent. There are very few trains and trolleys in non-urban areas. Even in many urban areas, the only form of public transportation is by bus and taxi cab. Most consumer goods are transported by freight trains and over-the-road trucks. Consequently, the cost of most goods and services is directly tied to the cost of fuel.


Most people who live outside the city would not be able to get to work or school if they didn't drive cars. Carpooling is virtually unheard of. When gas prices go up by more than a few cents at a time, it has a direct effect on the working family's budget.


Without cheap fuel, people can't even leave their own homes to go to work. When they do go to work, upward pressure on fuel prices has a downward pressure on their wages and, combined with transportation costs for goods and services, even their grocery bills go up.


Cheap, plentiful fuel has been the norm for so long that small increases can have a large effect on the economy. That's why we Americans bitch about $4.00 per gallon gasoline.


What's really crazy is that many Americans cry about the price of gasoline but won't bat an eye to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee or the equivalent of $10.00 per gallon for bottled water!

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Worker- Well said on the coffee issue. And I can't believe the people that will line up to save 3 cents a gallon -- thus maybe a 48 cent savings over the station across the street -- that's empty!


True that in the 50's, when new transportation needs were being addressed, political pressure (and more) from the auto, oil and tire industries steered funds toward freeway and highway construction and away from mass public transportation. This was most evident in Los Angeles, where we now pay the price.

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Regarding gasoline to clean. One last comment...


Remember that even wearing fur you can get static discharges. If you rub fur I would think it would be even worse. Gas liquid in itself is not really very flammable. BUT, the vapour on top of it is. Static could set off that vapour so easily!


In short, I think that is probably one for the history books. Actually Linda had forgotten but that document is I believe available in our Library as well. This place is so big n ow that it is so hard to remember what actually is in here.

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