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Meet the new Gorgeous: Ieva Laguna


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I remember admiring her beauty last year at Matthew Williamson's FW2010-11 show during London Fashion Week, in February 2010. And then her spectacular beauty struck me again at Chloe FW2010-11 show. But I got to learn her name only recently. She is Ieva Laguna. She is from Latvia, and only 20 years old! But what a beauty!


Now, firstly, the WOW images.


Chloe FW2010

0cf248125883749.jpg 031867125883773.jpg cf4862125883799.jpg edc3a5125883807.jpg 6aecf8125883812.jpg 6946ae125883817.jpg


Matthew Williamson FW2010

79b291125884198.jpg 473fdb125884214.jpg 9ed63e125884226.jpg a5d7f3125884230.jpg



11aba5125884329.jpg 17f211125884335.jpg 31193b125884336.jpg b84db0125884338.jpg 3b05c5125884341.jpg


Vogue Germany November 2010 editorial

059b8c125884433.jpg 5c51a3125884438.jpg 46ab93125884443.jpg cc356b125884445.jpg ae7123125884449.jpg 1b99b1125884453.jpg 1ebfab125884456.jpg 805827125884460.jpg

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